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  1. Spray Soft

    All flo air diaphragm PVDF 1/2" Vendor

    Guys I'm looking for a vendor on these pumps. Any help would be great. All-Flo KT-051/2” (13mm) PVDF/PTFE
  2. Spray Soft

    Burning Rubber

    Looking for some guidance on what I should try on Skid marks across this coated DW. Pressure was beginning to go through the paint. I plan to return with heat but expect similar results. Any chemical recommendations? Client will end up painting affected area but I want to see if I can do...
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    Bronze Headstone

    Yes, sorry for the delay Craig.
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    Bronze Headstone

    I have been working with a funeral home in my area, finished the flats and he's asking about some bronze markers and headstones. I'm wondering if this is calcification? Craig you mentioned Kieserite in another thread about bronze, what kind of detergent has this and is this what you would...
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    Hot Water Roof Cleaning

    I saw John Neilson post this on facebook so, so i'm bringing it in here to hear from you guys. Is anyone using only hot water on roofs? Are the claims being made here factual?!page3/cee5
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    Alright I went to my mailbox yesterday and I counted 8 direct mailers, the only reason I looked through and counted them was because I just bought 5000 thanks Darrel, they look great. Anyway, I think six were political in nature and the other two were service or product related. What do you...
  7. Spray Soft

    Avendra - Comprehensive Procurement Solutions

    Okay everyone - no clue where I should have posted this? Has anyone worked with Avendra? How was the process to become a vendor?
  8. Spray Soft

    USPS flatwork and building

    Question for everyone, I was in the PO getting my control sheet signed for washing the LLVs and had a conversation with the Postmaster about how filthy his sidewalks were. He said, "send me a proposal and send me a seperate proposal for the front of the building" I could use some help pricing...
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    First Video

    Looking for feedback, my first video. Not sure how I feel about the long silence in the center but had to mute it it was annoying and high pitch.
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    I didn't see a networking category, are any of you guys involved with BNI? Thoughts, experiences?
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    I've been listening to the Contractor's Secret Weapon Podcast and for everyone not listening to it - you need to be! I think Ron was on one back in June. But my question is anyone out there doing newsletters? What kind of results are you seeing from this? I see the relationship, Dave and...
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    Looking for feedback on anyone else out there doing work for USPS. We do inside/out and check the oil. What is your scope of work, what do you charge?