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    Apple Sauce Mix

    How long is the mix good for in the tank? (apple sauce)
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    What would be my mix for 40 gallons?
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    New pump

    Maybe a dumb question but just want to make sure!! I have a new 5800 pump from PT what kind of battery do I use? A deep cell trolling motor work?
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    Starting out

    I have two 50 gallon drums and was thinking of ordering the 5800 1/2 inch poly kit from PT with the pump in a box upgrade, will this setup work for someone just starting off with soft washing?
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    Tank prices

    Are these good prices? And if not can someone tell me where I can find a better deal?
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    Stanley cup!!

    Go Bruins!!! Two in a row!!!
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    Chemical Tank pump kit

    Has anyone tried the chemical tank pump kit from wash safe industries?
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    First roof cleaning Job

    I have booked my first roof cleaning job (my house) my question is can I mix up some cleaning agent and use my power washer to apply and rinse with the soap nozzle? What is the best agent to use and how long is the dwell time before rinsing? And any other tips I might need to know?
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    Hi all,Quick overview of my story- I had worked for a big company as a operations manager for five years and was let go about a year ago, since then I have been looking at different avenues on how to support my family luckily my wife has a very stable and good job. After looking at everything...