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  1. Stretch561

    Rust in hose?

    Changed oil in the pump and didnt notice any water. Put new oil in and didt notice any discoloration in sight glass. I removed my chemical injector via quick connects and bypass valve a couple days ago and went to go use the pw at my house and everything was fine. Today i went to reposition a...
  2. Stretch561

    Pissed off and speechless!

    So I received a phone call the other day from a nationwide fast food restaurant. They requested to have 7900 square feet pressure washed weekly with Windows done bi weekly with 40 panes of glass. I gave them two options Option 1 their regular weekly maintenance that they wanted and option 2 for...
  3. Stretch561

    Looking for hot box

    I have a honda gx390 4gpm @ 4000psi. Im trying to figure out a descent hot box. I would like to keep it 12v but not sure how the highlighted ottor will charge any battery...or shouldn't i just go 115v.
  4. Stretch561


    This has happened more then once so I figured I will ask to see what you guys say. After power washing and once I rinse this is what I see. Running 20" surface cleaner with Honda 4000psi @ 4gpm and 25020 nozzles. Let me ad thatbthis happens even if i move at a snails pace and when i mean slow i...
  5. Stretch561

    New to softwash roof cleaning.

    Hey guys im really liking the site and all the information and help that is on it. I'm looking to build a simple aoftwash setup for rooms only. I current have my pressure washi g rig that consist of 200 gallon tank and Honda 4 GPM with 200' of hose. I was looking to get another tank of 100...