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  1. Brett Greunke

    Box truck set up: power washing & no pressure roof cleaning

    Desperately wanting the weather to warm up to get 2017 cranking! Shouldn't be to much longer....:smile2:
  2. Brett Greunke

    Pressure treated decks

    For all of the deck experts: What is the best chemicals for the removal of algae build-up, dirt and graying on pressure treated and or composite decks? I understand using high pressure is NOT the way to go. I would like to get more aggressive in the cleaning of decks and would like to have the...
  3. Brett Greunke

    SH Transfer

    We currently store our SH in a 325 IBC Tote and are looking for new ways to transfer SH from tote to truck. What are some efficient ways of doing so? Ideally want to be able to transfer up-to 100 feet.
  4. Brett Greunke

    Commercial contract

    The New Year is just around the corner, so I would first of all like to wish everyone a very successful 2017 full of great clients and endless money ! Now my reason for posting. We have developed a plan to gain market share in the commercial side of this great business. We have educated...