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  1. ben skipworth

    Built a surface cleaner

    I know everyone is gonna say that I should just buy it but I like building stuff so here's a surface cleaner I built, I had a really worn out big guy so I stole the wheel brackets and handle from it and then I had a couple mosmatic dyci swivels and for the bars I used the BE 20 inch bars. The...
  2. ben skipworth

    New pressure washer build

    Here is the flywheel Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  3. ben skipworth

    New pressure washer build

    These engines do not have a sae flywheel so I have to make an adapter. This is the hub and shaft I am using Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  4. ben skipworth

    New pressure washer build

    I'm just posting this here for future reference and because some people have shown interest in it. Here's the specs: Yanmar 4tne86 aka tk486 and 4tnv86 34hp at 2200rpm diesel I'm using the legacy gx1036 pump which is 10.4gpm at 3600psi. I know I could put a little bigger pump on it but I...
  5. ben skipworth

    Sealer question

    I had a client call me yesterday and he has a second floor concrete deck that is leaking into his shop below the deck. People walk on this deck regularly so any product I use needs to have good wear resistance. He wants it cleaned and sealed. Any recommendations on a sealer to use for this?
  6. ben skipworth

    First apartment complex done!

    Just washed this apartment complex, I have another 27 building complex from the same property management company in the next couple weeks! I averaged 6 buildings a day using an x-jet and 9.5 gpm and one helper pulling hose and mixing soap for me. Do you guys have any tips to speed this up? Or...