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    How do you clean cedar shake roof?

    Normal SH roof mix and rinse? or Sodium Percarbonate then Oxalic Acid? What is the "citris" alternative? Do you take special precautions with the skylights? This house has a ton of them.
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    Oil or water based stain for old deck

    I looked at a 2 level deck last week that's about 15 years old. Never been stained. The wood is salvageable - no sagging and seems strong. Surprisingly, even with the drought we've had around here, my moisture meter says 15-20% on the top deck, and 20+% on the bottom deck. Given the...
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    Anyone ever use a trash pump to relocate wash water?

    I was wondering if I was ever in a bind for a machine to relocate wash water to the landscape, if renting a trash pump would do the job if my pump out vacuum stopped working.
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    How would you clean: Small pavers & lots of moss

    Got asked to bid on this 7700 sf driveway made of these small pavers that have all kinds of moss between them. Has anyone ever cleaned something like this? I"ve got two ideas: 1. Wash like a normal driveway: 3 gallons of 12%SH + 2 Gallons of water + a cup of Dragon Juice downstreamed onto the...
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    Tennis court info from PWI - thanks!

    I've done a few tennis courts lately using the advice given on PWI, and just wanted to say thanks! Here's some pics:
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    How do I turn this on?

    Doing an estimate on my first commercial job. It's to clean the construction debris/mud off of the parking lot/sidewalks/curbs/brick walls for a new 40,000 sf retail store. Never saw this kind of spigot before. What kind of tool or key do I use to turn it on/off?
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    How do you wash "new" concrete differently? What is "new?"

    Hello Everybody, As you might guess from my other questions, I've only been exterior washing for a few months (since November). I've got three jobs coming up that have concrete that is from 8 months to 2 years old. Do you consider that new enough to treat differently than normal? If so, how...
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    12V Hotbox for Pressure Pro 8gpm/3000 machine

    Ive got the 17amp charging system on my pressure washer (honda); am i screwed as far as being able to run a 12V 8gpm hotbox? Thanks
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    How to hang reel from lader rack

    I'll be making a ladder rack for my trailer soon, and would like to hang some reels from it. I've looked at tons of pictures on this site, but can't see how you guys are hanging your reels from your ladder racks. It seems that using just one bolt on each side of the reel wouldn't be enough...
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    What do you use for a phone/#

    Hello, I'm new; just got started a few months ago. Been doing a lot of "friendly" type of business so far: friends, former and current customers of our cleaning business, and other folks that I've known in the past. I guess because of that, I haven't had to think about the nuts and bolts, so...
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    Tubing vs angle iron

    First off, thanks to the forum for all the education on this site. Truly amazing. Will be taking the advice given here to get a tandem axle trailer, and it will be an open 77 inch x 12 foot trailer for residential, shopping center, and apartment work. I've been trying to locate a trailer...