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    Equipment For Sale.....

    Ok guys, so some of you know that I have decide to have a change of pace and am getting out of the residential and commercial power washing and just sticking with my agriculture washing. I have been very blessed the last number of years and especially since I started attending the round tables...
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    FREE FREE FREE 21 Gun Salute Till the 4th of July Give Away

    Look what The Power Wash Store sent me!!! Thank you Paul!!
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    NOVA 4th Annual Pressure Washing Event Baltimore MD Area FREE FREE FREE

    FREE 100' 3/8 pressure hose!!!!!!!!!!!!! $179 Value!!!!
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    NOVA 4th Annual Pressure Washing Event Baltimore MD Area FREE FREE FREE

    4th Annual NOVA Pressure Washing Event NOVA is back again!!!! Sat Dec 7 2013 Are you looking to grow your Power Washing business? Looking for answers on how to make your exterior cleaning business profitable? Wondering how other contractors are growing in a downed economy...
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    Article: Power Washing Central Pennsylvania

    You can view the page at
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    Thank you PWI!!!!!!

    I would like to say thank you to Ron M. And the PWI for all they have helped me to achieve and also for the iPad mini that I received!! THANK YOU !!!!!!
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event.

    3rd Annual NOVA Networking Event. DEC 8th. Baltimore, MD area. Hey guys in the past a few guys have been holding a small meet n greet in Northern VA. It seemed as if it was not going to happen this year so a few others and myself are trying to pull this off before the year runs out. I...
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    Help me welcome our newest...

    I want to introduce our lastest addition to our group! Randyn Scott was born Sunday morning. We are happy that he arrived alive!!! Welcome to our family Randyn!!
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    Parking lot line removal

    I was wondering if there is a way to remove the lines that are painted on the parking lots? I have a guy looking to remove the parking lot stripping so they can change the layout. The parking lot is concrete. How could this be done? Any ideas??
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    FREEEEEEEE 12 Water KEY give Away FREEEEEEEE Read Below

    Got mine today. Thanks Ron and Shae!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Picked up our new van

    I just purchased our first van a few weeks ago. I think I am going to like it.
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    Free - Best roof cleaning photo contest !!!

    Here is one of ours from last year.
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    Contest $697.95 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts here

    Here is a pix of our rigs, and also our shop. Thanks Paul for your help in the industry!!
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    Davis Bacon Act??

    Hey guys I am wondering what all is involved in doing a project that is involved in the Davis Bacon Act? Is someone familiar with this that can point me to some info about the rates for pressure washing? Is there any special things that I should be aware of? Thanks.
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    Confined space. HELP!!

    Does anyone know much about working in confined space?? I read a few post about it in relation to hood cleaning. My question is... I guess I don't know. Do you actually take a test and get certified? How long does that take? Can you hire a confined space certified personell for temporary...
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    Radio advertising??

    Just wondering how many have tried radio advertising? How did it work out for you? Was it worth the money that was spent? Thinking about it but sounds like a lot of money for just a few minutes on the air. And it has no lasting value, like a business card you can carry it with you for the...
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    Concrete and window cleaning???

    Have this strip mall that I am to bid on and they want me to "hand wash and squeegee all the windows" to insure that there is no spots on the glass. Is this normal?? Window cleaning is something that I haven't done to much of. How do you charge for window cleaning?? Also in the bid it says...