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  1. Jessica Rhodes

    Long time, no talk!

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted on here so I thought I should let you know I'm still around :) Hope everyone's work week wasn't too stressful or hard, but that's why we have massage therapists, right? ;PWhatever you have planned, have an awesome and safe weekend!!!Xoxo
  2. Jessica Rhodes

    Good morning PWI!

    I have a long day ahead of me. Hope you all slept well. I threw a challenge at you yesterday and asked you to "like" the NCE page on Facebook and you guys did great but you've gotta keep on "liking." Like this page!! Now let's get our booties registered for the NCE event coming up next month...
  3. Jessica Rhodes

    Help me get a bonus!!!

    Like this page!! If I get 200 people to like this by Friday I get a bonus. I need 176 by Friday. Don't let me down!:smiling-heart: :P
  4. Jessica Rhodes

    Are there any ladies in the house?

    Not that I don't love hearing back from the guys, I just wanna make sure that I'm not the only girl on
  5. Jessica Rhodes

    It's Friday!

    It has been a long week and I hope you guys aren't at all annoyed by my calls and texts these past few weeks...gotta get the job done ;) It's also my day off and I'm enjoying it relaxing by the pool. How are you guys gonna spend your weekend???
  6. Jessica Rhodes


    My name is Jessica. I've been working for National Cleaning Expo for 2 weeks now. I'm new to the industry so go easy on me.