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  1. Palmetto Roof

    Helicopter Rotor Blade Brush

    Hey guys we came up with a tool to help us in Afghan, we can wash a 63ft blade in 2 minutes followed by a little rinse. This is made of 2 push brooms bolted together by to metal brackets wrapped in soft green Scotch-brite. Hope this helps someone! To everyone else "Hello"
  2. Palmetto Roof

    My once or twice a year hello to all!

    Hey I just wanted to say hello to everyone, its been awhile! Things are going great and was just thinking of everyone I got to know here and figured Id drop a line! Things are going for me, I have been flying and fix'en helicopters in Afghan for afew months now for a civillian job! Life is going...
  3. Palmetto Roof

    Job lead for a roof in Charleston SC

    text me for info or call me after 430pm ( Im at work ) Lady needs here roof cleaned ASAP shes selling her home. Thanks
  4. Palmetto Roof

    WOW This roof is bad!

    I was out at a park in Waynesboro Pa today with my daughters and noticed this roof. I had to take a picture and show you all! Has anyone ever cleaned a wooden roof like this, and how?
  5. Palmetto Roof

    What brought the plane down in the Hudson river

    Hey I just wanted to say hello to all and send a funny pic your way. Things are going good. My new job kicks butt and I got a new house. Hope to be back washing soon. Best of luck I'll check back with you all later.
  6. Palmetto Roof

    2 Roof jobs in Charleston SC area....

    Guy called me left a message to have 2 roofs cleaned... Charleston, S.C. area! Im in Maryland someone take em! 843 xxx xxxx I was not able to get his name.
  7. Palmetto Roof

    Micro-Rig for sale!

    Oh I hate to do this guy's! I need help! My ex-wife just jumped state with my kids, and I need a large deposit on my lawyer! This is about to get nasty! Anyways, the only thing worth selling right now is the Micro-rig. I can rebuy the equipment later but I can't buy my kids so the micro-rig is...
  8. Palmetto Roof

    New company name......

    Hello to all! I know its been awhile from my last post, but I have been abit busy. I went to Mississippi to weld for awhile, and now im back in S.C. to close on my home today and pack up to head for my new home! Winchester Virginia, and I'll be working in Hagerstown MD. I will be heading out for...
  9. Palmetto Roof

    MBRT Pics

    We had a blast!
  10. Palmetto Roof

    Bless thy Volkswagon

    My wife was hit head on last night by a drunk driver at 65 MPH. As the cop told me in exact words " he was tore up from the floor up!" She is in great shape! She has a sore sholder from the seat belt, and mild burns from the air bags. The car did everything it was designed to do. All 16 air bags...
  11. Palmetto Roof

    Another PW forum

    I found another board for powerwashing. Go have a look. I am interested in any pressure washing outfit in the Washington DC area, please PM me if your in DC.
  12. Palmetto Roof

    Trailer signs

    Proto type 1 sign... I want 3 big signs for my tank. here is idea 1! I need feed back or help one of the 2.
  13. Palmetto Roof

    Help Stripping an old deck!

    I have a family friend who asked me if I can strip down an old deck they have so they can refinish it! I will be heading to the upstate today for a job, and to let my parents hang out with there grand kids. The deck is old still has some old paint on it, and is weathered. I also think it was...
  14. Palmetto Roof

    Micro-Rigs roof cleaning

    So here I am on a small budget, gotta pay the bills you know! The van was killing me on gas 20 to 50 a day on gas. I guess I have it better than most with that kind of gas bill, but still killing me! I decided to go with a small trailer to put my equipment on to be towed with a smaller V-6...
  15. Palmetto Roof

    Why buy ramps?? I got a kick out of these!
  16. Palmetto Roof

    Handy man work

    Just thought I'd ask for some thoughs and advise. When I came back from Seattle buisness was abit slow due to a drop off in advertising.... Now that I am back I have got advertising back up to par and been doing some sub contract work for afew friends who have there own buisnesses. I have been...
  17. Palmetto Roof

    Need Some Window Washing Advise...

    Looks like my wife has landed a large job for us to clean windows on a new construction building. 4-5 stories tall,more details will be coming today. My question is..... What is a standard window washing mix made of, and i'd like to x-jet this if possible. Some help please!
  18. Palmetto Roof

    Thankful for my wife backing me!

    Just something on my mind tonight before I head off to Seattle. I was called up by the USMC to go teach a class which would remove me from running my buisness for about a month. I am very lucky that that my wife has offered to step in and keep the show running for me. She told me she would take...
  19. Palmetto Roof

    Whats going on in here?

    I just found out all the roof cleaning forums are closed to search engines in PWI due to some disagreement with Chris Tucker and some of the local Florida boys who have started trouble in the Tampa area. This decision upsets me very much! I have spent hours and hours on this site doing post and...
  20. Palmetto Roof

    150 dollar office make over!

    Thought we would see how far 150 dollars to spruce up our dump for an office would take us. Not bad for an old sunroom hu? cleaned up the old trash! (trash guy will love the mountain I have waiting on him this week) painted ceiling painted walls painted floor put up blinds added base boards...