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  1. CentraFlo

    TITAN Aluminum VS Stainless

    hey all, looking at getting a TITAN 18" 12v reel for supply/garden hose. Im curious what the thoughts are on the aluminum and using it for garden hose vs spending the extra 200+ on stainless.. any thoughts, opinions, or experiences are greatly appreciated
  2. CentraFlo

    Hot box install question

    Picked up the new hotbox today.. And now looking at how I want to plumb it. Do most of you run it permanently through the hotbox even when you're just running cold water, no heat? Would you recommend being able to easily disconnect and reconnect with jumper hoses to avoid running cold water...
  3. CentraFlo

    Google+ post is 2nd Organic result!

    this is just to show how important it is to post and be active on you Google+ page! I randomly googled "Roof Cleaning Orlando" and m google+ post was number 2 Organic search result!! and the computer I searched from is in city just south of Orlando. The post was made in a city north east of...
  4. CentraFlo

    "Roof-A-Cide" - Some helpful info to DISCREDIT their scam and false accusations

    "Roof-A-Cide" - Some helpful info to DISCREDIT their scam and false accusations So many of us are familiar with "roof-a-cide" (click here)... For those that are not... it is a company/product manufacture that produces a "non-toxic" "safe alternative" to cleaning your roof. The funny thing...
  5. CentraFlo

    Insurance Coverage on Equipment/Rig

    Hey all, We are currently using Joe Walters for our insurance coverage, however, they do not and will not cover our equipment. (I believe it has something to do with flood zone or something being in florida/hurricane?) So my question to you is; Do you have Insurance on your equipment...