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    Yard Signs - Jeff Smith of Sparkle Works

    Jeff asked for a group of sign designs and here is draft #1
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    Doug Rucker wants to help your business

    Doug Rucker is a recent panel wrap client and a very generous man. He has asked that I find a new contractor that needs some help with advertising. I need your help with that. If the contractor that you are thinking of needs some signs for his truck door, Doug will provide them. If the...
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    That Red is a handy fellow. Doug might get new stickers is the sub title

    When Doug recently asked if I could give him some ideas for more effective lettering on his truck, I reached out to Red for some help. He created Dougs logo to begin with and we have all seen his impressive art skills. This is just a preliminary layout for Doug to study on.
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    Doug Rucker redines clean - In a yard sign anyway

    Mr. Doug Rucker of Porter Texas recently asked me to create a sign design for him. Doug desired to use some of the blues and greens found on his website. He and I both think that this came out well.
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    Begging to be liked. Facebook style.

    My friend Josh Davis set about getting started with it's own FaceBook page this morning. Ten hours later and 66 people have already clicked the like button.<wbr>sign2day Will you give us the honor of a click as well?
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    Deisel Question

    Try this and report back. iPhone - Tapatalk
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    Axle swap

    The (usually) stamped metal strap that holds the cup in the cast yoke. iPhone - Tapatalk
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    Greetings from Maryland

    Hello all, New member here. Just getting started in pressure washing. Was lurking and learning when I got a pm from Ron to just post! So here goes. I have learned a lot and always looking to learn more. I did my first job in November of this year and can say that this and other BBS give...