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  1. bigchaz

    Dealing with Sap

    Anyone have an effective method for dealing with sap on pressure treated pine? Our first step of course is to try and let new wood age and dry a few months before we stain it, but sometimes I still run into issues. We use penetrating oil stains so I've even seen it come up on 20 year old...
  2. bigchaz

    Tips for Maintaining your Wood Deck

    I'm working on a brochure for customers to give after we complete a job. Basically a list of things they can do that will help prolong the life of their finish. What are some things you tell customers when you finish a job? Decks with Pools: --Avoid hanging wet towels over handrails or...
  3. bigchaz

    Division of Payroll for Workers Comp?

    Got my worker's comp audit last week for the previous year. My estimates were pretty close but when the policy was written I explained we are basically painters (I stain decks) and on one out of every 10 jobs I may replace a few boards. So my policy was 95% painting and 5% carpentry. Now...
  4. bigchaz

    Saw this Roof measuring software

    I don't do roofs, but this program showed up on the side of my Facebook. Looks interesting.... Tells you the square footage from the aerial photos. Anyone use something like this for roof cleaning?
  5. bigchaz

    Contractors foundation?

    Has anyone else gotten an email from them? Cant tell who is in charge of it Hi charlie, I wanted to let you know about some new power washing classes that are available from the Contractors Foundation. These power washing classes have been specially developed for contractors to meet...
  6. bigchaz

    Contest $697.95 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts here

    Thanks Matt, the orange hose is for my chemical sprayer, we direct apply most chems instead of downstreaming so that hose is connected to my delevan sprayer setup on the trailer. It can either draw from a bucket or from a tank filled with stripper/cleaner/brightener. I just has a pressure wash...
  7. bigchaz

    Contest $697.95 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts here

    Thanks Paul, you are very generous! Professional quality deck restoration and staining by Apex DeckSavers. Visit us for hundreds more photos at
  8. bigchaz

    Just A Few Thoughts

  9. bigchaz

    Staining Playsets

    I used to overlook the backyard playsets when we did deck bids. Now we price (and sell them) at almost the same cost as a deck. Great money doing them and customers are very willing to pay for the sanding and staining to keep the kids safe. Don't leave money on the table, always ask about...