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  1. cajun cleanin

    Pat on the back

    This is in response to my replacing a shrub that we killed wasshing a roof.The nursery guy told me we killed it by over watering it of all things. J.C. I want to thank you very much for the responsible & efficient way you have treated me & Mother. When I emailed you, I didn't know that she...
  2. cajun cleanin

    Chamber of Commerce

    Who is a member?How does it work for you?Is it worth the cost and time?
  3. cajun cleanin

    8 gpm machines

    This is a job that I bid with a 4gpm mentality.I did the job with my new(to me)8 gpm machine.It is the highest per hour rate I have ever made washing. The amount of work that these big machines put out is amazing.I was always one of those guys that was skeptical.You know always thinking "How...
  4. cajun cleanin

    Trailer bearing costs?

    What does it cost to replace a set of bearings in a trailer tire?It depends on when you do it. Bearings-$15.00 Tow truck $125.00 Lost day $1100.00 Watching your tire pass you by when you are taking a shortcut through the "Hood"- priceless
  5. cajun cleanin

    National championship winner?

    Who's gonna win?Tell us your pick and score or spread. I pick Auburn by 14. They are to big and fast for Oregon to stay with for 4 qtrs.
  6. cajun cleanin

    Daphne Walmart

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  7. cajun cleanin

    Big Green Egg

    Does anyone on here have a Big Green Egg or any other Kamado type grill? What kind do you have and what do you like about it? Will it grill or just smoke? I'm going to get one and have been shopping and researching.
  8. cajun cleanin

    Deposit checks by Iphone

    Has anyone tried this out?It's an Iphone ap that lets you deposit a customers check by taking pictures of the front and back.It's with Chase bank in the article but others may do it to.
  9. cajun cleanin

    A glimmer of hope

    Mobile County Commission to vote on penalties for companies hiring illegal aliens Posted by Rhoda Pickett, Staff Reporter August 06, 2009 5:45 PM Categories: Politics MOBILE, Ala. -- The Mobile County Commission is set to vote Monday on a policy to penalize companies that hire illegal workers on...
  10. cajun cleanin

    Oh My Lord!!

    Got a call from a Murphy oil manager (You know they are the walmart gas stations) to come out and give and estimate.Roll on out there and measure it 7450 sq ft to clean.Talk to the manager and she says the only people that have ever cleaned it was the employees with their machine.(15 years).I...
  11. cajun cleanin

    Free Demos

    When you are doing a free demo, how much are do you clean?One parking stall?One section of a gas stations islands?In front of a stores entrance?How much do you do and why?
  12. cajun cleanin

    Small roof in N.O.

    The little specks at the bottom to the right are a couple of guys with wands.
  13. cajun cleanin

    Starter handles

    Has anyone used the start me up grip handle to replace their original?I can't get the pic to upload or I would have posted it.It is a full handle instead of the little one.I am going to try it out tommorrow unless someone has had a bad deal with it.Mine broke today 4 times before I figured the...
  14. cajun cleanin

    Faculty lounge

    Whats up with all the faculty lounge posts?Should these be seen publicly?If I can't read them I think they should be invisible to everyone but faculty.
  15. cajun cleanin

    Pivot nozzle wand

    Has anybody seen this thing?I went to a demo today and it costs less than 60 bucks.I bought one and am going to try it for like decks and stuff where there are like a million agles to clean.
  16. cajun cleanin


    Angry Neighbors Won't Be Charged in Beating of Suspect in 11-Year-Old Girl's Rape Thursday, June 04, 2009 * Print * ShareThis Jose Carrasquillo Jose Carrasquillo * * A mob of furious neighbors of an 11-year-old girl raped on her way to school in...
  17. cajun cleanin

    To much diversity?

    How diverse can you be and still be good at it all. I don't want to start a fight here but I see a lot of lawn care guys getting on the boards lately asking questions and getting answers.I always see them around my area advertising lawn care and pressure washing ,window cleaning,fences built...
  18. cajun cleanin

    Mosmatic swivels

    Does anyone use the Mosmatic gun swivels?What kind of service life do you get from them? I ordered one a few months back 4500 psi model, hooked it up and used it for 4 or 5 weeks and one day I started my machine and it split right at the fitting end.Called Mosmatic up and told them what...
  19. cajun cleanin

    Hmmm I wonder if we could reverse this.

    Chicago Family's 'Buy Black' Experiment Becoming a Nationwide Movement. I don't know if yall have heard of this ,but it's about blacks only buying goods and services from other blacks only.For some reason the fact that Jessie and Rev Al ain't marching because of this just plain pisses me off...
  20. cajun cleanin

    Solar chargers

    Does anyone use a solar charger to keep their batteries charged? I'm thinking about ordering one from Northern to keep the batteries on my trailer hot.I use the battery for the hot box and the fatboy and was wondering if it would keep it hot all the time.