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  1. Mike V

    Marketing Book written by a Pressure Washer for the Pressure Washer!

    Hey guys, Would love for you to check out the book I wrote. I wrote it specifically for the service industry. If you need some fresh ideas or maybe want to revitalize your current marketing strategy, this book may help! It is a short and easy read, only costs $3.99 on Amazon. Digital version...
  2. Mike V

    Marketing Domination For entrepreneurs and small business owners, every dollar counts and investments need to pay off with the phone ringing and payments received. Mike Vidan explains that there is no magic formula that will give you the perfect sales and marketing strategy...
  3. Mike V

    Review - The Mole and Jersey Show

    So I was driving for the last 4 hours and decided to listen to the Mole and Jersey show to pass the time. I had never seen a full episode, just watched bits and pieces of a few episodes. In all honesty, I never really had any desire to watch but decided to check it out. I was very entertained...
  4. Mike V

    Topic Moved - Hose Reels, Figure Eight and other hose storage methods and opinions

    This is a classic example of a topic going way off topic so I moved it here..... Quote Originally Posted by Johnson View Post Mike do you still not believe in hose reels? Mike V Responds: I have never been a fan of hose reels for a few reasons I will explain below. The life of your...
  5. Mike V

    Social Media Marketing - Why NOT TO BUY "LIKES" on Facebook.

    Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes. I get it, you start your pressure cleaning business and want to touch as many potential customers as possible. You have spent some time on your website, Facebook page, Twitter Account, etc...... but you look around and see that you only have a few likes...
  6. Mike V

    My Life Video - A Dirty House - Check it out! All you need is a Free App, an iPhone, paper and a marker......pretty fun.
  7. Mike V

    Pressure Washing Video
  8. Mike V

    Does anyone have a Final Walkthough/ Check list for Techs/homeowners?

    All of our techs are trained well and do a very good job 99% of the time. Our policy is to always do a final walk through with the customer (if they are home), however, I was curious if anyone uses and is willing to share their checklist for a final walkthough. i.e. Windows Clear, Fasica and...
  9. Mike V

    Loss of Pressure - Compeltely Stumped!

    Loss of pressure. Replace unloader. removed and inspected all check valves and orings. Belt tight Used water tank and garden hose as water supply, no change. no leaks. Help! What am I overlooking?
  10. Mike V

    Prayers for my Brother-in-Law's father.

    I don't typically do this but any thoughts and prayers can't hurt! My little Sister's father in law has an inoperable tumor around his aorta, they are going to treat it with Radiation every day and Chemo every few weeks. This is not only devastaing emotionally but is also going to be a huge...
  11. Mike V

    Can anyone help me identify this pressure washer?

    Another Great Craigslist Find Today..... Again something I have been actively searching for over the last few years, not wanting to buy new, not really needing one, but would knowing ir would help speed some commercial landscape maintenance jobs up if we had one. Obviously if there is not an...
  12. Mike V

    When will this happen here?

    I think you guys are mising the point, the government is ALREADY doing these things, do you really think they are not? I am sure if the right set of words were to pop up in one of these posts, a flag would go up somewhere and it would be reviewed.
  13. Mike V

    Little Help with a Bypass Question....

    Ok, this is the unit that I picked up for cheap, it was beast when I bought it, strong!!! I hooked up a tank and got some trash in the pump, so I broke it down to clean it out and decided to replace all o-rings and one of the check valves which was shot. Buttoned it back up and was litterally...
  14. Mike V

    Blowing O-rings and Check Valves

    So we have a little two-pumper that the guys like to use for surface cleaning large areas because of the volume. We have a contract with the City to do the parking garages and this little unit helps alot in the speed at which we can move. The of the guys has been taking it out...
  15. Mike V

    IS Pressure Washing Products in Florida still in business?

    Ive been trying to getin touch with Rex for days.
  16. Mike V

    I need 1 Check Valve for a General Pump t5050......anyone have an extra used one?

    I need 1 Check Valve for a General Pump t5050......anyone have an extra used one? Don't want to buy the whole kit so if you have an old pump laying around, let me know what it would cost. Thanks.