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    Roof Cleaning - Supporting Documents!

    Next time someone tries to discredit the Roof Cleaning industry, the service, or our methods of practice... These are some supporting documents we have found to stop the false claims of "voiding your roofs warranty" or that "DAMAGES will be caused" These documents reveal the truth behind...
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    Tunnel/Over pass cleaning Proposal

    Meeting tomorrow to take a look at this tunnel/over pass that we have been requested to give a proposal on for immediate cleaning. I'm imagining that there is an event or wedding possibly being held and they need it cleaned? Either way.. Need some input on recommended methods to clean this and...
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    Roof Safety - Anchor points, tie offs, techniques

    All this talk lately about guys falling, or almost falling, or actually being saved from falling OFF the roof by their gear… its time we make a dedicated thread on this; ROOF SAFETY Anchor Points - Tie Off's - Rope Ops - Devices - Techinques We all know of the dangers associated with...
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    Neighborhood mailer fail - HELP

    hey all.. i need your marketing and cost minimization skills.. I have had several neighborhoods recently with HOA nasty grams.. One was a 140 plot 3,000 sq/ft model home style neighborhood and every single home had a paver driveway approximately 7-10 years old and not a single one had been...
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    New gx690 mounted and plumbed.. Trailer setup

    Installed the float valve, moved the filter to the inlet side, ran my bypass along the ladder rack, machine mounted, re-plumbed my chem tank to pull from the bulkhead instead of a drop hose from the top.. Had a pick up tube sitting in chem that had a stainless filter. Sat for a week or too in...
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    Gx690 8 gpm 3500 - setup

    Hola. Finally.. Ordered the biggin.. And once again, the Power Wash Store comes through big time. Just wanted to know if you guys had any tips for mounting, water supply, etc.. Keep in mind I have the 325 gallon tank for supply that is plumbed with 1&1/2 inch from the bulk head, with a 1"...
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    Truck wrap - feedback before I pull the trigger

    Hey guys.. Looking for some feedback on this before I make my final changes with the sign company. Keep in mind this is a very quick rough idea. The blue bubble background will be the same blue seen in the second photo showing the trailer signs. Need feedback on lettering placement, what's...
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    preffered supply/garden hose

    what is your preffered supply hose? wether its to a tank, or straight to the machine.. i typically buy 3/4" non-kink.. but wondering if you guys have a link or an exact brand you like best.. found this on amazon prime, and thinking about ordering some...
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    Surface Cleaner Mounts

    hey guys.. working on the ladder rack today.. need some pictures if possible of some surface cleaners mounted/hanging.. i remember seeing some, somewhere.. but i cant find them for the life of me.
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    bucket mount/organization on trailer

    hey all.. just wondering what you methods you use or fabricated or whatever.. to hold your 5 gal buckets from sliding around on your rig.. thinking about fabin something up..
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    Ladder material reccomendation - Aluminum? Fiberglass?

    like it reads.. in the market for a bigger extension ladder, what do you guys use, like, recommend?.... AND WHY!? currently been getting away with a 16' aluminum on most residential.. but time to step it up...
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    I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous...

    Saw this posted on a local FB page (that I frequently post on under business page and advertise)... Really irritated me.. So this was my reply... .... Unprofessional of me.. But wksixiebwhsjxnh!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chemical hose on a reel.. Will the fittings last?

    So I got this reel as a cheepy from northern, and originally planned on just using to hold my chem hose and just d/c it from the shurflo after each use and roll it up rather than hand jack it. But then I started wondering... Why not just plum it and actually have it running through the...
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    Referral Program - take a look

    hey guys.. after everything this site has done for me, i offer this in return. If you find it helpful, great, if not, oh well, maybe next time. spoke with someone about a 10% referral program. Said he had a lady that would refer him 10 new customers every year, and in return she would end up...
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    trailer build - tandem or single axle?

    hey guys, need your advice. Im about to purchase a new 6x12 open trailer for a new trailer build. I have been back and forth now for a while on wether or not i need to go Tandem/dual axle, or if i can get away with single axle. i plan on having a 200-250 gallon tank plus equipment, plus 1 or 2...
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    HomeAdvisor - website service that people list RFP's on

    has anyone ever heard of this site? has anyone used it, or anything similar?.. supposedly this site offers RFP's from both commercial and residential.. lady called today and said she did a search within 15 miles and found 20 requests for proposals in my area as of right now. also said a trail...
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    Foam cannon stopped working

    just got the MTM foam cannon and have used it a total of 2 times.. today on a job, i noticed i wasnt getting any foam or chem for that matter while spraying. i found that there is no suction.. what the heck!? i tried messing with the valve on top, no change. thoughts?
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    found a trailer with a Hyrdo Max.. is it a deal? or is it a money trap

    found this craigslist ad for a trailer for sale.. just went to take a look at it...... motor has ~400 hrs per owner, and burner shows 28 hrs on meter. the water tank and calcium (?) build up and clumps of stuff on the bottom. i checked the...
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    how do you lay your chemical on flatwork?

    Hey guys, need to hear how you are laying your chemical (SH for discussion purposes) for your flatwork. concrete in particular. i know alot of you just DS. Ive been trying out the MTM foamer. i used to just pump spray it (which takes WAY too much time when your doing large surface areas, and...
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    dawn dish soap and SH?

    tried a search.. wasnt able to find anything. BUT.. want to hear your thoughts on using dawn dish soap as surfactant mix in SH. any experiences? dangers? pro's/con's? thanks guys