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  1. WASH-IT H.B.

    Venturi uptake for downstreaming.

    I seem to be having big issues with the variable venturi on my machine. some times I get good soap delivery and the next time I get next to none at the lance. I have wound the thing up and down through the entire variable range on it and it appears to make little or no difference. I am at...
  2. WASH-IT H.B.

    Who's following the rugby world cup????

    go new zealand all blacks!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. WASH-IT H.B.

    GUNS..... New or Rebuild ??

    One of my guns has started to leak under pressure. My question is " Is I worth repairing or should I just ditch it and replace it??"
  4. WASH-IT H.B.

    Deck washing

    Did another deck treatment and wash yesterday. 6 metre X 4 metres....up down up down poor little legs were stuffed (again) with all of the metreage I covered. My question is, is there an attachment out there that has 2 or 3 nozzles on a spray bar with wheels perhaps on each end that enables you...
  5. WASH-IT H.B.

    Gum Gum and more Gum

    I went past a local sports good chain store the other day and the footpath [sidewalk] is black with algae. An easy situation to change with a good wash. The problem is the amount of gum on the concrete. Not being equipped with hot water the thought went through my mind about heating the gum...
  6. WASH-IT H.B.

    Help please

    I went to do a treatment on an asphalt tile roof today. I was using SH, h2o and dishwash liquid. The ratios were 1>SH to 2>H2O to 200mls dishwash. Because I can't get my downstream to apply treatment without watering it down all to hell I put it on with an electric back pack sprayer. I DON'T...
  7. WASH-IT H.B.

    Rotary nozzle.

    Been out to do a wash this morning and during the course of the job my Rotary nozzle seemed to be running in 1st gear at times. Then after releasing the trigger and restarting again it would go straight to top gear then slow to second or first gear just like an auto transmission with heaps of...
  8. WASH-IT H.B.

    Here's a tow vehicle with street appeal

    if you wanted to enhance your noticeability this might help and it's built by a Kiwi!!!
  9. WASH-IT H.B.

    Totally off subject

    Go on to Utube and search Megga factories LEGO. real interesting watch
  10. WASH-IT H.B.

    QR codes

    Anyone using QR codes in their advertising?
  11. WASH-IT H.B.

    to foam or not to foam?????

    I have been dwelling on the question of foaming on product. I found an old posting today with regards to MYRISTERMINE OXIDE which someone said was ROOF SNOT. I guess that MO is the chemical foaming agent component of ROOF SNOT. The suggestion was put that it was OK in house wash for the...
  12. WASH-IT H.B.

    Merry Christmas to you guys.

    Down under in New Zealand we get to have Xmas a few hours before you guys so I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. It is our summer here and I am riding my motorbike for the holidays. Yahoo!!!! 12 days on the road. Awesome!!! best...
  13. WASH-IT H.B.

    Got a shocker to wash

    Went to have a look at an extensive deck yesterday that would be 10-12 years old and never been cleaned. It is in a shocking state and it will require a huge amount of work. I have been doing decks with great success but none of them have suffered the neglect that this one has. The deck has had...
  14. WASH-IT H.B.

    USA Weather

    Just seen on the morning news the snow you guys are getting in the US. Geez you are getting hammered. Rug up guys and stay warm.
  15. WASH-IT H.B.

    gel additive

    We are getting into our summer here in NZ ad one of the issues, as you are all aware, is the house wash drying on the cladding.Is there anything that an go in the downstream mix that would turn it to a gel on contact and hopefully staying wet for longer?
  16. WASH-IT H.B.

    To whom It may Concern (new Zealand)

    I have been successful with 3 quotes in the last two week weeks because the opposition never turned up to quote or even bothered to ring the customer back. My thanks go out to you whom ever you are. Your shoddy business practices are growing my business daily. With thanks.
  17. WASH-IT H.B.

    Body fat in pool filters.

    Here we go again guys. Same swimming pool as my first post. The filter system of the pools consists of plastic skeleton frames with filter cloth bags fitted over them and zipped closed. this skeleton then plugs into the main filter bank. the issue is getting the filter bags cleaned of body fat...
  18. WASH-IT H.B.

    Calcium like buildup on swimming pool edge tiles

    Hi guys. I have been lucky enough to score a contract to wash the concourse around one of the swimming pools in the city. Spring cleaning before the new summer season. Doing the concrete is the easy bit. I have also been asked if I had any ideas on removing the white deposit left on the tiles...
  19. WASH-IT H.B.

    gutter cleaning head for pressure washer.

    Hi Guys, I did a gutter clearance the other day. first time not normally part of my forte what a job!! The thought crossed my mind, should I never offer to clear gutters ever again or should I invest in a gutter washing head for my gun. any thoughts???
  20. WASH-IT H.B.

    Personalised plates or Vanity plates.

    Hey you guy. How may of you have personalised or vanity plates. Not sure how you refer to them in the US. there are some very clever ones here in New Zealand. this one is mine. It's testimony to my marital status. My X wife of 32 years didn't see the humour in it for some reason but then she...