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    Question on Monier Tile

    I have a house wash next week that has an issue... The house has Monier tile roof and it appears to be leaching out and staining the aluminum flashing. The customer said that previous pressure washers have taken the stain off with a normal house wash, but I'm not sure I believe it. Anyone know...
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    Motor Issue

    Hi Guys, My Honda GX620 starts right up, runs smooth, no hiccups or anything. Last two days, after running for about 90-120 minutes, it wants to stall. First day, I quit and changed the oil, filter, spark plugs, and treated the gas. Second day it did it again. After letting it cool down for...
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    Questions About Mildew & Stain

    Is it possible for mildew (or other spore) to get trapped between 2 applications of oil-based stain and grow? I put down a stain last year, turned out great. This spring, customer asked for a new coat, and we applied it. 2 weeks later, everything looked great! About 2 months later, there is...
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    The Right Way

    Apparently, I've been doing it wrong all along
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    Trailer Build - Setup

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a build and have a pretty good idea of what my layout will be. But I wanted to ask y'all about hose reels. I have a frame built on this trailer and can mount the reels upside-down from the top of the frame... Anyone have pros or cons to mounting high instead of...
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    Skid Unit - Frame Only

    Where can I get a replacement frame for a Shark hot water unit? The motor, pump, generator, burner...all components are good, but the frame has rusted pretty badly.
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    What Happened Here?

    Saw this at a theater
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    Commercial Window Cleaning at Richmond International Airport My company is contracted to provide biannual window cleaning to the Richmond International Airport. I posted a few pics in the blog.
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    Pump Configuration

    My pump runs fine. I have a 20 hp Honda motor running a Legacy Pump at 3500 psi and 5.6 gpm. Am I able to replace that pump with one that runs 8 gpm? Too much for the motor? I thought I saw some units for sale with the equivalent motor and 8 gpm.
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    Redwood Project

    Worked on this deck made from redwood this past week. 16 years of red stains and seals. Customer opted for wood to be sanded. Staining next week
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    Fire Damage: Melted Plastic on Concrete

    Hi group, I'm taking this melted plastic off the concrete walkway at an inn. I'm getting most of it off, but is a remnant where fire was at its worst. Is there a chem I should use here that can eat up the plastic without damaging the concrete? thanks!
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    Need to Strip Sikkens

    I have a large deck to strip and stain. It has had years of Sikkens applied (at least 4 coats). Would like to try F-18... Anyone care to share strength levels for tough Sikkens strip? Also, how is the vertical dwell? Is there an additive needed to get it to stay on the vert a good, long...
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    Anyone Know This Model?

    I bought a rig from someone and the surface cleaner was thrown into the deal at the last second. It doesn't have any info on it... No name, serial number, nothing. It's 20" wide.
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    Opinions on Trailers

    Hi Group, I am going to purchase an enclosed trailer this week and I would like some feedback on a couple of questions: Color - Any thoughts on going with that bright yellow - with nice lettering? Or do you think that is too much, less classy? If so, what color would you recommend? Size - I...