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  1. Doodaa

    DOT registration?do I need to declare hazmat?

    I am in the process of getting my first dot number and am confused if I need to declare hazmat or not,my setup consists of an Isuzu NPR and I have a 270 gal IBC tote for water and a 125 gal chem tank for roof mix and I carry my SH in 5gal pales usually 10 so 50 gal.of SH.and I also have roof...
  2. Doodaa

    Power america 240v Hot water pressure washer located in RI

    It's a Power America 1315 N ,I bought machine thinking I could use it with my generator but was wrong so now I'm selling it,machine has 39 hrs on it original owner purchsed to wash his equipment and then retired.$1700
  3. Doodaa

    using a hot water machine to clear ice dams

    I am going to start offering ice dam removal and want to go with the steam route instead of just using low pressure and hot water,How do i make my hot water machine push steam?or can I?Thanks for any help in advance.I'm trying to be up and running by monday(hopefully)
  4. Doodaa

    New website by KBK Graphix

    Here's what Keith has for me so far.This stuff is all new to me so please tell me what you think.Thankx
  5. Doodaa

    Which media of advertising works best?website,radio,newspaper???

    Thinking about where best to spend advertising money this coming spring.I plan on having a website but will need to get the word out and was just wondering what you all think?
  6. Doodaa

    What works as an inhibitor?

    I did a roof today and after was talking with the customer and he was being talkative so i asked him about his other quotes for the job and I came in at less than half of one guy ,he was going to use a bucket truck,I used a ladder but he was also going to apply an inhibitor of some sort,I'd like...
  7. Doodaa

    extra thick lichen.anything special to do??

    I have to do a roof the homeowner's insurance is going to cancell if not removed from roof.I looked at it and it's pretty well established for maybe 10-15 sq' in 3 locations, didn't think to take pics but always do before work and after,my question is a 50-50 sh mix with roof snot sufficient?I...
  8. Doodaa

    roof cleaning without gutters???

    Sorry if this subject is beat to death already.Here goes I nitice some places don't have gutters and there are shrubs or grass under them.My question is What do you do about it?I know there are gutter socks(by the way where can I get some??)but they only work if you have gutters. Thanks Jim
  9. Doodaa

    How do you deal with a customer who wants to just do bit's and pieces?

    Ok so I still new and have been anticipating this call but never figured what I would do,I haven't called back just yet I'll wait till the end of the day but here's the message:we want to clean one wall with algea on it (cedar shake)and a piece of roof and one other small thing.I hate to turn...
  10. Doodaa

    best way to ckean mahogany siding?

    Im pretty new at this and got a call to wash a house with mahogony siding.what would be a good mix? Im sorry if this has been gone over before I did look but wiythout luck Thx Jim
  11. Doodaa

    Ok guy's how's this for my logo?

    This is going to be on a banner, hopefully have hanging at our local fair
  12. Doodaa

    HI new guy in RI South County Soft Wash

    Hi all just entering the soft wash business doing houses now but thinking of getting into the environmental washing side of things.Are there other environmental washers in RI?