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  1. jdc491

    What chemical would you suggest?

    Got a call today to clean up what you see in the attached pictures. The info that was provided with the pictures was that the 2 dark circle stains are diesel, and the lighter brown staining you see was what was caused when they tried to clean it up. Looking for some advice on which chemical as...
  2. jdc491

    Help with removing deck stripper and train from vinyl siding.

    EDIT: Title is supposed to be Stain instead of train. So I was called about giving a quote on cleaning vinyl siding that in the process of the homeowner trying to strip their deck, they blasted cherry stain along with behr wood stripper onto the vinyl siding. What was left is a bunch of...
  3. jdc491

    Deck sealing question.

    I have a home I am washing in the next few weeks and they are looking to get the deck washed and sealed as well. The deck is roughly 50x13 and is 2 levels both being about the same size. I need some advice in a few areas. First being What sealer would you guys recommend? what have you used...
  4. jdc491

    New business cards, thoughts?

    Looking for some input on some business cards I had designed. Im fine with brutal honesty, if they are garbage please do say so while they are still in the revision stage.
  5. jdc491

    Question about pricing as well as how long the job should take

    I was asked today to submit a quote for a 120 space parking garage via email. This would be my first parking garage so weather or not I take the job/bid the job depends on a number of factors. I am not going take take something I cannot handle. However if everything falls into place and I do...
  6. jdc491


    Not sure where else to post this..kind of a long story so I will try to sum it up. I have been at a hotel since november 20th. They authorized my card at the front desk for $5100, to be paid upon checkout on Feb 1st. I spoke with the sales manager about extending my stay till march 1st and she...
  7. jdc491

    Fat/Grease looking substance in gas tank?

    On one of my units I noticed a white/tan looking substance in the gas tank. Almost looks like the fat/grease that is left after grilling stuff on a George Foreman. I don't really know how else to describe it. Pictures to come tomorrow if I can get a decent picture of it. My question is, what...
  8. jdc491

    Same tips for 4 gpm as 8 gpm?

    I purchased a 0040 and a 4040 for down streaming with my 8gpm unit based off recommendations. When looking at: For a 4 gpm machine it includes a 0040 and a 2540, my question is can I use my 0040 and my 4040 tips on the 4gpm machine and still pull chem? The...
  9. jdc491

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Here's my boy Vincent, he is 2 and a half. And here is my girl Tegan, she is 7 weeks old.
  10. jdc491

    Site is live! Couldn't be more impressed with the guy who made it!

    My website is finally live! Check it out: I contacted Ty a few weeks ago looking to have a website created for me. He responded with what I thought were very reasonable prices and a detailed description of what my money buys. Along with his continued support...
  11. jdc491


    Hello everyone. Ty has been working on a website for me, and it is winding down to the last few steps but I am in need of pictures. If anyone has some pictures they could let me use for my website and facebook page of concrete/house cleaning that would be great. Thanks in advance
  12. jdc491

    air compressor

    Looking to buy a air compressor to blow out my pump and hoses. Can someone point me in the direction of a good fit for that? dont want to buy one thats over kill or too small to get the job done.
  13. jdc491

    Money for referrals?

    What do you guys offer for referrals? Lets say someone sends you a house wash, do you pay them? lets say 5-10%? Do you offer them money off their next service? Just curious to see what everyone else does on that situation.
  14. jdc491

    looking for a website builder

    Does anyone know of a person, or company that builds good websites, that rank well and take monthly payments? Has anyone here used a company that they would recommend?
  15. jdc491

    Concrete 9 months old

    Hey guys, I am planning to approach a small store owner about cleaning his store front and sidewalks and dumpster pad. Which leads me to my question, the store was remodeled about 9 months ago and some of the sadewalks replaced. The employees drag the trash bags over them to the dumpsters which...
  16. jdc491

    Looking to get rid of a 4gpm 4000 psi belt drive

    Don't really want to get rid of this unit as it was supposed to serve as my backup unit. But with a baby girl due in 3 days, and some unexpected bills hitting me I have to get rid of it. It is a 2013 4gpm 4000psi belt driven bandit. Unit has about 1 hour on it. Yes 1 hour. It will come with...
  17. jdc491

    First House Wash Complete!

    Today I completed my first house wash by myself. I have done previous washing, but never on my own, working for myself. I posted here 2 days ago with questions about which tips to use and was promptly answered by quite a few of you all with very helpful posts. With your help I was able to get...
  18. jdc491

    Question about what tips to use.

    Hello everyone. I have a few questions about which tips to use. I have a house wash in 2 days and want to make sure I have my down streaming working properly. I have the downstream injector that came with my machine from the factory. I am unsure of the exact size and my unit is at storage but I...
  19. jdc491

    Just picked up my new trailer

    Couldn't be more excited. After 2 weeks of going back and forth with the MVA I got my tags yesterday and picked up my trailer. My trailer consists of a 24 hp,8 gpm, 3500psi pressure pro hot water unit. 200 gallon tank, low water cut off/float valve. Poly tool box on the front etc. I am very new...
  20. jdc491

    Help with a belt drive unit

    I have a 4gpm 4000psi I believe, bandit belt driven <nobr>pressure washer</nobr>. which can be seen here: http://www.pressures...m/aboutPSI.html My issue is, when hooked up to a hose at <nobr>my house</nobr> ( hose pushes out 7gpm) it runs perfectly fine, however I cannot get it to pull from a...