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  1. jreedpw

    Old college courts

    Looked at a job this morning at a college. There are 4 tennis courts and 2 basketball courts. 37,000 square ft. They are in rough shape. He wants them stripped as much as possible to put down new paint. This would take 6 months using a lance. Has anyone ever put slightly oversized zeros in their...
  2. jreedpw

    Dairy barn

    I just got a call to bid several dairy barn steel roofs. Looks to be mainly algae on the north side and a small amount on the south. It totals 481,000 sq ft. I sure don't think I can go with my normal 20 - 30 cent or I will be out of the park. Any suggestions? Feel free to message me if want...
  3. jreedpw

    Booster pump

    Could I shoot 60' with this pump with a 1/2" line? My gut says yes but just want to ask someone who has used it. Thanks
  4. jreedpw

    Lost Job

    This is the crap that really gives me/us a bad rap. I had a $600 + job scheduled for Monday afternoon. Went there and met with elderly owners and explained everything that I would be doing that afternoon and answered all their questions. They asked about my cleaning solution and told them it was...
  5. jreedpw

    Ibc tank

    Is a 2" port from a tank large enough to feed a 4gpm or a 8gpm washer at about 6' distance between them?
  6. jreedpw

    Introduction letter

    I am looking for a introduction letter that I can send to several condo associations and appt complexes. Anyone car to share one? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm not good at this part at all.
  7. jreedpw

    When do complete write-offs stop?

    At what point or price does a new purchased piece of equipment have to become an asset vs a complete tax write off? $5k, 10k? What percent can be deducted every year?
  8. jreedpw


    Can sodium Hydroxide be mixed in the same tank with EBC? Going to set up another tank just for concrete. If they can what is recommended? 4oz of sodium hydroxide to gallon of water? Then mix in the ebc per directions?
  9. jreedpw

    Yard signs

    Looking to get about 50 18 x 24 aluminum yard signs with holder. I searched for signs but everything I seen is 2011 and older. Anyone on here make them or a referal would be great. Phone # if possible please. Thanks Jim
  10. jreedpw

    Oil based sealer

    Have a question about removal of 2 year old solvent based sealer that the customer was told to thin with xylene. This is about a 20k sq ft job but their is only a small section on the back patio that has this stuff on it. They stopped because of what it was doing. It has a nasty yellow tinged to...
  11. jreedpw

    winter season

    Hey all, my spring summer and fall season is coming to a halt real fast (28 deg right now)so I was considering running a winter add by listing some of this type of work. Agricultural buildings,schools, bleachers, fairgrounds, condos/appt complex. My insurance is paid through next spring and my...
  12. jreedpw

    12 v pump

    Has anyone ever tried one of these? I was wondering if it would be a good pump for chemical application and rinsing.
  13. jreedpw

    Firstb complex

    Got my first complex scheduled for tomorrow. 6 buildings 21 appts. Not a huge one but it is a step in the right direction. Should be a good days work. Got it all from this board. Thanks everyone. Not even sure where they got my name but I will ask when I see the manager.
  14. jreedpw


    Got my first house so far that is streaked because of oxidation. Going to go meet the owner this morning. Will most likely wash it again and scrub the whole thing to try and get the streaks out. Should of paid better attention when I did the estimate.
  15. jreedpw

    Off Season

    I have about 2 months left in my outdoor wash season. I am looking for some ideas to keep me going through the winter. Indoor jobs? What do you do in the winter time in the northern US?
  16. jreedpw


    A few days ago I put in a bid for a roof job for an elderly couple. 1 of 3 bids. She called me this morning and asked what kind of solution I would be using to clean her roof. The 2nd company had finally shown up. I told her a water/soap/bleach solution. She asked why I wasn't using zink in my...
  17. jreedpw

    Flowjet Accumulator

    Who actually runs one and is it beneficial? Does it allow the pumps to last longer and does it even your spray out so you don't have highs and lows?
  18. jreedpw

    Busiest day

    Got my busiest day of the year coming up this Thursday. 3 houses and several thousand sq ft of concrete. I know it's small compared to what some of you day in and day out but it's very much welcomed by me. They were not happy at all with the last guy. 1 person owns them all. Will try to post...
  19. jreedpw

    Hos ereel

    What brand and model you guys use for your garden hose? I would also think that I will need adapter fittings to hook it up also. Or does everyone just use a regular plastic garden hose reel?
  20. jreedpw


    What do I need to do to get the different uamcc logos placed on my website. I am in the process of building it at this time. Who do I need to contact?