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  1. DunRite


    Im looking into more what i can do for my employees I have 2 superstars and the rest (6 guys) are "ok" I want to lock up my 2 main guys- I pay pretty well- but you get to a point where you can only pay so much, there is a ceiling I give these 2 guys a paid week off + 6 paid holidays- 1 guy...
  2. DunRite

    Google Adwords

    How many of you guys use a Google adwords campaign? What results have you gotten? Im thinking about launching a campaign but would like to hear other guys experience
  3. DunRite

    Turning the phone off??

    Id like to hear from some of you guys on how accessible you are to your clients. For a long time i used to NOT take calls or respond to texts/emails from Clients after 6PM Mon-Through Sat and Sunday nothing at all I actually had a seperate phone i used and my main business line would be shut...
  4. DunRite

    I lost one of my guys today

    Yesterday i was called in the early morning hours by the wife of one of my guys that her husband was reported missing after going out on the bay in NJ on a Kayak I arrived as they were pulling his lifeless body out of the water-Perhaps the 2nd of the worst moment i've ever felt the worst...
  5. DunRite

    Ted Watson Memorial Service

    The Memorial Service honoring Ted Watson is slated for Saturday January 30th in Portland Or Im doing my best to attend as the date has changed a few times- If any local guys or anyone for that matter is looking to attend let me know as the family was asking I know Mike Beck from Eugene will...
  6. DunRite

    How did some of you get into business??

    I would love to hear how some of you guys got into business- what made you decide to go on your own?? We are all business owners here who have taken the risks associated with going at it on your own. It takes a leap of faith and internal fortitude to withstand the roller coaster of operating...
  7. DunRite

    Gas Prices @ $2.09 in NJ- Boom

    this morning i filled up at a station for $2.21 Later i was driving past a costco where traffic was all backed up The reason- Gas was $2.09 a gallon- WOW
  8. DunRite

    Roof Cleaning Safety

    As most of you have heard by now of the passing of Ted Watson from a roof fall. It should be noted this wasn't his first fall as he cracked a few ribs just a few months back If we learned anything from his death its we should harness up when going up on any roof. Any fall can cause serious...
  9. DunRite

    The passing of Ted Watson-Rapid Hot Clean

    I regret to inform the PWI community & fellow UAMCC members of the passing of Ted Watson, owner of Rapid Hot Clean While some details remain what we do know is that on Sunday or Monday of last week he fell off a roof and was on life support until Thursday. Its unclear if he suffered a stroke or...
  10. DunRite

    Vanity phone Numbers

    Im looking to acquire a vanity phone # with my area code 908-DUNRITE Anyone do this? with whom & what are some ballpark rates? What success have guys had doing this? I believe 800,888, etc numbers dont work real well looking for feedback
  11. DunRite

    When do you stop giving free estimates??

    Gents I know in our industry we basically go out (if we go out) view a job and give an estimate- either written or verbal I posted my dilemma once before (maybe on another industry forum, idk) regarding people who seek estimates so they can shop them Recently, and in the past, every so often...
  12. DunRite

    My appointment today

    As a lot of you may or not know i do a lot of contracting work- painting, drywall, flooring, etc I get a call yesterday from Mr Patel who asks if i can over to look at his ceilings that are water stained from an old roof leak that has been since fixed. ( a few rooms) After looking at his...
  13. DunRite

    Van for towing a trailer

    Im inquiring if anyone uses a Van to tow a trailer My trailer is a dual axle weighing no more than 5000lbs Im thinking of buying a Van (Chevy?) but am not sure if it can tow that amount Anyone use a Van??
  14. DunRite


    Ive been approached in the past and recently about partnering up with someone Though they seem like good business minded guys im squeamish about joining forces with anyone Heck, im divorced and maybe that has something to do with it idk- i just like to do things my way and don't think i can...
  15. DunRite

    Im always amazed how some people are so successful in spite of themselves

    How is it that some businesses can be profitable & successful with an owner who goes against most ethical business practices? There is a company i occasionally deal with whose owner has a personality of cardboard, treats his employees like garbage (most cant stand him) and interacts with...
  16. DunRite

    UAMCC 2014 Vegas Rundtable

    I wanted to thank Tony Shelton (and his family) and the UAMCC staff for putting together a very educational &informative roundtable It was great meeting and listening to guys like Scott Stone,Carlos Gonzalez,Doug Rucker, Jerry from Scirocco & Craig Harrison (to name a few) teach and share their...
  17. DunRite

    Now this is a VAC!!

    Big Brute- Flood man picks up 3000 gallons an hour That is impressive
  18. DunRite

    Tennis Court Cleaning

    I booked a job we completed the other day- Indoor Tennis Courts I visited the job site-everything looked good- 4 courts each side of building with a new drainage system against 1 wall with 2 pump pits for each set of courts- a french drain along the backside of the wall running the full length...
  19. DunRite

    F9 Rust Remover Ques??

    I have a customer looking for me to paint her metal railings Normally, i would hit this with a wire brush to remove most rust (labor intensive) Can i spray some F9 to remove without impacting the painting afterwards? I would think so , just want to verify
  20. DunRite

    Trailer Issues

    I bought this enclosed V nose Trailer (14ftX6) that came with a 23" tongue- way too short I was having difficult time with any turn that was remotely sharp especially backing up- causing dents So I took it to a welding shop where they cut off teh old coupler, welded a 6ft length of steel...