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  1. Pat Norman

    Interesting article on De-icing planes
  2. Pat Norman

    Bionic Man!

    Guys I had a total knee replacement yesterday. I'll be in the hospital till tomorrow. I think I'm doing pretty good.
  3. Pat Norman

    Who is gonna bid this job?
  4. Pat Norman

    Float switch setup.

    Just thinking I have seen some discuss a setup with a float switch in the storage tank that somehow killed the engine if the water dropped too low. Anyone have ideas how to set that up?
  5. Pat Norman

    Avoiding long dry starts and pump blowout.

    Here is a horrible video I made showing how to setup a blowout for winter plus a new item I added so my "dry pump" will prime quickly. I've mostly been washing just weekends this year due to a position I took and I've been draining my tank to keep the algae away. Those dry starts even when...
  6. Pat Norman

    Laser pointers

    Anybody use or reccomend a good laser pointer that would work in good in daylight? I would like to have one to point out spots with my workers and customers. I assume green is best but what power is needed?
  7. Pat Norman

    Interesting article about pricing

    Quote Projects with Specific Prices Instead of Round Numbers
  8. Pat Norman

    Why is my pump leaking?

    Anybody can diagnose what is going on here?
  9. Pat Norman

    Tapatalk update for Android stinks.

    Anyone else using Tapatalk for android? The new update is horrible. Force closes all the time and is hard to navigate to my forums.
  10. Pat Norman

    New exposed aggregate problem

    I wanted to tell this homeowner to get the concrete contractor to come back. They really didn't prepare this completely right in my opinion.
  11. Pat Norman

    Just some poor folks home...

    We washed today. It's just a year old and this was really kind of a post construction wash. Crazy thing was after we were well into the wash someone about 200 yards away was doing lot clearing and started a huge fire. Ashes were falling on us like snow! Making us have to do extra...
  12. Pat Norman

    AR ceramic downstream injector

    Anybody here have any experience with these AR injectors? Any thoughts?
  13. Pat Norman

    8gpm soap nozzles?

    I am soaping with #50 nozzles on 200 ft of hose at 8gpm. I know some here use #60s. Is there a good bit more draw with 60s versus 50s or is it noticeable? I'm thinking about setting up a jrod with 60s.
  14. Pat Norman


    Russ my Honda GX670 has recently started backfiring loudly often when I turn it off. What condition causes this and what can help fix it?
  15. Pat Norman

    Dr Strange love....

    Dr Strangelove or.... Or how I stopped hating my M-Jet and learned to soft wash with it ! So I'm a die hard down streamer and have not really used my M-Jet xjet since I washed my first house and figured out I had the wrong d/s injector. Only other time I washed with it I was using a bum cheap...
  16. Pat Norman

    Suttner ST-61 downstream injector?

    I have ordered one to try. I understand you can turn a knob on it and get full unrestricted flow like for rinsing or running the surface cleaner without having to take it out of the line. Is that true? I've been thinking about rigging a bypass line for my injector but if this thing works as I...
  17. Pat Norman

    4 nozzle single spray bar on Big Guy

    Oh my! Where have you been all my life? Thanks Guy and Russ. I put on this bar and took off the elbow I had on top of the swivel. This thing cleans so much better. I believe now where I was often making two or three passes I can handle it with one pass and no fricking striping! Next I'm going to...
  18. Pat Norman

    Update Google maps annoying calls

    Do y'all get calls everyday from people who first claim to want you to update your Google maps location but then want to help you with seo? I get these everyday almost. I have a blocker app but they call from different places all over the country. Drives me crazy.
  19. Pat Norman

    Any problem here?

    Hope he's not getting ready to pressure wash up there!
  20. Pat Norman

    HELP.Medium Dark Vinyl...Oxidation.

    We washed a house Friday that had a medium dark brown vinyl gable. When I started washing I didn't notice any oxidation nor did I think the vinyl was very dirty nor mildewed. The gable faced the west. Everything looked good when we left and it was still wet. The next day the homeowner called me...