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  1. GrassButler

    Whoreing up the winter market

    Welp------ its whore up the market time I guess. Gotta love it!!
  2. GrassButler

    Whisper Wash Classic Deland, FL $325

    Alright, I found this on Craigslist for all of you Orlando/Daytona Boys!! Guy is asking $325 Bet it can bought cheaper!! It would cost me too much in time and fuel to grab it up from Jax!
  3. GrassButler

    Best High Pressure Hose

    OK, so I added hot water........... My HP hose doesn't like it...... or at least it loves to burst at even the sound of the bellow of the burner. I am intending on going R2....... any proven suggestions with Hot Water? Or do I need to just have my Hose Boss guys make me some.. ( while...
  4. GrassButler

    Hot Box Install Complete

    Thanks to bill at I installed the HotBox today. All by my 175 lbs self. If was a PITA with no help. But I got it!! oy one self induced dent. But it was 500 lbs and I was on a mission from God!! ( in my Belishi-akroyd voice)
  5. GrassButler

    Graffiti in my neighborhood -HOA idiots

    Sooo. I came across graffiti on an entryway sidewalk a few weeks back. Posted the pic on the HOA FB page. It's been there for years!! (Obviously). After questioning why my dues don't pay for routine concrete cleaning and why they haven't hired a professional contractor to remove the graffiti...
  6. GrassButler

    Hot Box Battery Suggestions

    So i am adding a hot bot.. Looking for experienced suggestions of battery types ( brands, groups etc ) that others are using when they added hot boxes to their cold water set ups.
  7. GrassButler

    Long Day

    UP at 6am.. OTD at 630. Ran a landscape route with a crew form 7 until 6 pm. Cleaned 8500SF of concrete for a commercial client after they closed at 8pm...... 35 yards of mulch to put down at the same location in the morning.... ( this part is being subbed, so it can be blown in, and ill just...
  8. GrassButler

    8GPM Pressure Pro Cold Water Charging system for Hot Box

    So I am looking at Hot Boxes. It appears my PP 8GPM 3000 psi ( Honda GX630 )probably has a 17 amp charging system. Looking for the best way to add a Hot Box to my cold water set up. Any experience, options, or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. GrassButler

    Thanks Russ Johnson

    So I had a question for Russ and if one if his products would work. I sent him an email with pics this morning (Saturday) casually expecting an email back sometime Monday afternoon. Too my suprise I heard my phone ring before lunch today (KY on the caller ID) and Russ was calling to answer my...
  10. GrassButler

    Accidentally Deleted Todays iPhone photos

    Sooooo...... I had some nasty properties today....... that I took magnificent photos of today.... As i was pulling back into the shop... I sent the 17 photos from my camera roll to my PW album.... So I went to delete the them from the camera roll.... only to realize.. they didn't copy first...
  11. GrassButler

    My price was "significantly higher" than someone else

    Ha. Hit this lead out of my church bulletin last week. Walked the property last Thursday. " had to be done before Memorial Day Weekend". Driveway/walkway is 25-30 years old and black (no pics) and this is the second deck in the house. Holds water no gap in between the planks. The entire...
  12. GrassButler

    Drum transfer pump or drum faucet?

    I just switched over to 55 Gallon drums of SH. The red siphon pumps are a PITA.. What are u guys using to transfer? I am going to order a Wesco drum cart that can also have a faucet installed on the drum to dispense into 5 gallon buckets. ( 5 gallon buckets are always fun to pour into...
  13. GrassButler

    Best radar app

    Radar Scope is the best live weather app out there. I finally bought it abd subscribed to allison house lighting, storm tracking etc last year. I only got this app after I watched an EF2 firm in front of my truck. We could not duck low enough abd we all felt sure that the debris hitting the...
  14. GrassButler

    Zorro on the Golf Course today

    I found Zorro had been to this po enclosure on the golf course today!
  15. GrassButler

    Drum hand truck recommendations

    Just switched over abd started buying 12.5% in drums. Any drum truck recommendations? Obviously best quality and best price. I get the drums delivered outside my shop while I'm not there abd have to move them indoors.
  16. GrassButler

    Steel eagle reel pin lock coming loose

    I hand a pin lick on my steel eagle comr loose while driving on a 5 mile tall bridge a week ago. Notice the trailer didn't pull right. Looked back and I could see a flat on my tandem from my side view mirror. Look in the rear view abd I could see one of my reels was empty. I was dragging...
  17. GrassButler

    Pool deck / textured cool deck

    I've done plenty of the "knock down" style pool decks. This one is a textured surface. Thoughts on a surface cleaner? I don't want to damage it -obviously.
  18. GrassButler

    Polished stainless steel fascia on diner/restaurant

    Looking for best practices with cleaning sins neglected stainless steel fascia at some locations I maintain. You can see the streaks in the stainless steel. The want it cleaned with the building periodically abd want it to shine. Soap suggestions and polish suggestions? Will My house wash...
  19. GrassButler

    Hot Box location

    So it appears I may need to add heat. My thoughts are a hotbox for my 8GPM. My dilemma is I don't have a lot of real estate left on my trailer ( none actually ). So I am trying to maximize everything. I am open to suggestions. So far I'm leaning towards one of two options. Removing...
  20. GrassButler

    Big Guy trailer mounting??????

    Anyone come up with a crafty way to mount a big guy on an open trailer?? Land locked for real estate and had to put it on it's side!! Yes I need 4-6 more feet.