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  1. CompletelyClean

    removing varnish/latex from deck

    What's the best chemical and/or method to remove varnish or a latex sealer like Thompsons from wood, specifically Cedar?
  2. CompletelyClean

    My Offie

    Here's my mobile office.
  3. CompletelyClean

    doing my first fence

    I just stripped and brightened 12 decks at a condo complex. The association likes the work I’m doing well enough thus far, that they now want me to strip/brighten/seal 250’ of privacy fence, also. This fence separates the complex from a fire station. With any luck, I’ll get approval from the...
  4. CompletelyClean

    removing Olympia Stain

    Any suggestions? Is this a togher-than-usual stain to remove? I stripped using the recommended mixture of HD80. That did a "fair" job. I have to restrip tomorrow.
  5. CompletelyClean

    converting weight to volume formula

    Can't find the thread and I know it's here somewhere... Does anyone know the formula for converting an ounce of weight to an ounce of volume? I need to know how much volume is the equivalent of 8 oz. (weight). Please don't tell me I need to get a scale...please.
  6. CompletelyClean

    Steel Eagle help

    Just assembled my new 24" Steel Eagle surface cleaner. Can someone please advise on how I can set up the handle with a wand so that I do not have to shut the machine down to switch from the cleaner to a wand when I get to those small corners, etc.? Attached is a pic and I will post another...
  7. CompletelyClean

    Hot water brown?

    I've got a Tuff Machine. When burner is off, water is clear (and soft) (water softener) When burner is at 100, water is yellow When burner is over 150, water is brown ????