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  1. boyo8023

    2" Allflo Allum. Diaphragm Pump $500 Should I buy?

    Should I buy this pump for roof cleaning? I currently do not market roof cleaning as much as I should because the system I am running is so unreliable. It is a 12v twin pump system and from the beginning it has been trouble for me. The main problem when it is working is the distance. I find...
  2. boyo8023

    Large Church Help! All comments welcome

    I have to give an estimate on this rather large church. Will f9barc get rid of rust? Any other suggestions, comments, or input welcome. Thanks
  3. boyo8023

    Roof Mold Prevention? Need a good Mold blocker.

    I have a customer who is going through shingle warranty to get roof cleaned and they are saying I need to apply a mold prevention chemical if the company is go to pay for it. I have no problem with doing that I just need to know who sells this with at least a 3yr warranty. I looked some up and...
  4. boyo8023

    Free Ten Gun Giveaway all you have to do is POST

    I would like a Gun also!! psssst.....throw in an extra wand also and I won't tell nooooobody!! And Thank You!!
  5. boyo8023

    I have to get this ready for painting!!! Any Suggestions?

    I cleaned the walkways of this shopping center turned church and now they want a quote on cleaning the building for paint. This is the side and rear of the building. They also want a quote for me to paint it. I have an airless paint sprayer available that I use to paint my garage but i am not a...
  6. boyo8023

    New Website. Need all input.

    I need all criticism on this site. I did not build it. It was done through web . com. They handle seo and google places stuff. It has been up for a few months and I am still not ranking that well. They say they found the problem and will handle it. Any way please let me know what you would...
  7. boyo8023

    A LOT of Graffiti !!! Caution slight obscenities

    What do you think? Turbo nozzle, Chemical, or paint over? How would you price a removal? Any suggestions, comments, recommendations welcomed.
  8. boyo8023

    FREE Sirocco Reclaim Give Away Post OVER $3000.00 BIG ones Contest after OCT Event!!!

    ADVANCED Waste water management/containment system with Dual suction super vortex stage III vacuum unit.
  9. boyo8023

    Pressure Washing Building Washing Baton Rouge La.

    Gum Guys Pressure Washing Baton Rouge La.
  10. boyo8023

    Pressure Washing Building Washing Baton Rouge La.

    Gum Guys Pressure Washing Baton Rouge, La.
  11. boyo8023

    EDDM FREE Webinar

    I Got this today in my email after i requested the info packet. Free webinar June 7. if You Are Interested. This link is the actual registration form...
  12. boyo8023

    $250,000.00 Small Business Grant

    I wanted to enter this but my business is not at least 2 years old and I have more than 100 employees lol. Just thought I would share this if anyone here is interested I would vote for you.
  13. boyo8023

    Business References

    I am filling out vendor applications with cvmas and other pm's and some are asking for business references and I do not have any. What now?
  14. boyo8023

    Switching Trailers

    Finally transfered washer to new trailer. The PVC worked very well. I did it by myself. I used 2x4s as levers inside forklift holes and once washer was on the pvc did not need them anymore. I will bolt it down and finish putting Herculiner down tomorrow. HOA starting to get after me cause we...
  15. boyo8023

    lets see some rigs

    The silver one is my new trailer. The next three are the rig I just bought but it does not have brakes and I just dont like it. The last two are all the goodies I have and can't wait to try out. I still have to Herculine the new trailer and put my signs on it, and figure out how i will get the...
  16. boyo8023

    LxW=sf What do you use to measure?

    We all should know how to calculate Square Feet of a flat surface. Roofs may be a little more tricky. What do you use to get your measurements? Tape measure, laser, theodolite, the wheel on a stick thing (didn't want to google what it is called, more fun to see if you know what I am talking...
  17. boyo8023

    How long are your hoses and ladders?

    I am going out to buy a ladder or some ladders and I dont know if I should buy the 32'. If you own the 32' how often do you use it? I also bought 2 -hundred foot hose from Paul Kassander at the Power Wash Store and was wondering how many feet are you guys running on each reel.
  18. boyo8023

    Chewing Gum Removal Steam Cleaner

    What do you think about this machine. Steam cleaner vac. Over 300deg. temps. Good for tile cleaning also. Gum control may be a good monthly service to offer hotels, restaurants, etc. Waste of money $2500.00 or good investment?
  19. boyo8023

    New Trailer!!! What Now? :/

    Thank You everyone for the input and saving me a lot of money! I have the set up but it needs work. The trailer does not have a brake and I want one with brakes and it needs other work: tires, lights work but do not flash and some are cracked, I want to coat the wood with Herculiner. I still...
  20. boyo8023

    Buy or Build? That is the Question.

    I have been trying to get my business running for about three months now. I have started like most over zealous newbies at spending over $35,000 to get started. After thinking about the consequences I was at $24,000. Now I am just down to the bones, I want to stay under $14,000. I was going to...