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    Can this be polished?

    So what does a guy need to do to get it all? You know, Bulletproof reliability, (even once the 5 year old oil finally escapes out of a leaky crank seal) Cheap repair parts that I can buy @ 7-11, and a low purchase price. I want it all, and give it to me free. But seriously, I run mostly...
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    Can this be polished?

    Here is the #1 piston, which is the worst. Quote these too if needed.
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    Can this be polished?

    So I tore down a little electric unit that we have because it was drawing too many amps (almost 30) to make sure the pump was looking ok. That and I haven't had the chance to take apart this kind of pump yet and wanted to see how it worked. Anyway nothing out of the ordinary, except the #1...
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    Some Random busted pump parts

    Started going through my graveyard today to sort out the salvageable parts from the junk, and thought I'd share some of the misfortune. There's more where this came from, but this is what happens when you run pumps without oil or with water mixed in the oil.
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    gx390 Exhaust Stud Fix???

    Does anyone have a good fix for the GX390 exhaust studs? Or can you let me know what I'm doing wrong? I have 3 GX390 based engines currently in service, 2 genuine Hondas and 1 clone. All these motors seem to have issues with the exhaust studs coming loose, or snapping off completely (that could...