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    Ladder locks / Retainers

    I bought these things a few years ago from I guy I know in Jersey. He designed and patented them. These are new and have never been used. They mount to a square tubed ladder rack. Tube size doesn't matter. I want what I paid for them $75.00 a set. I have 2 sets. They are made of stainless...
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    dirty penthouse

    Here is a cleaning job for some one in Philly. Million dollar penthouse. Looks like crap even to my untrained eyes.|main|dl4|sec4_lnk1|172583
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    Designing a web site !!!

    I am using the hosting co. hotshot Anthony recommended. Gatorhost. Awesome people there !! Site title, sub title and footer. What are they and what should I use? DUHHH I know zip about this. :banghead: I want to at least get a welcome page up. You know, coming soon, being built, under...
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    Beth or Rod, TGS OPEN LETTER !!!

    Ha fooled ya all. Thought this was a drama thread :haha: Anyhow, Hi Beth or Rod or a tgs mod. Am I banned from there? JK Seriously though, I went to change my info, avatar email and stuff, now I can't do anything. :shakehead: I tried to send a email and it bounced back. HELLLLP lol I know you...
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    1st post

    1st post here, :yikes: do I win???? :nanner:besides something like a smiley :wave: I
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    PWI recent threads page.

    As of right now, look at the recent threads page. We have a request for religious freedom, a drinking game, a robo deer, a foot ball game, Tiger jokes earings, a walmart greeting post, a bunch of equipment spamming and dist drama, The only 2 threads worth any thing are sunbrites relocation...
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    Hose reels??/

    Can any body tell me what kind of hose reals these are just by looking at them? :shrug: The best I can see is hannaday I think. I got them out of a friends scrap bin. Thanx