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    Not bad for a small 4gpm operation?

    I think that my work has been pretty good but just wondering what you guys think? A small 4gpm with a GP Hammerhead. I'm just using EBC and the Surface cleaner. Most driveways that I do have little to no oil. Would a house wash with 12.5% and Elmemonator serve me better on driveways like this...
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    Where to mount skid

    Right now I have a cold water 4gpm machine. I'll be upgrading hopefully soon to a pressure pro hot water skid, Hello Russ. Most of the pictures I've seen people mount them in front of the buffer tank (front of trailer). I would think that mounting it behind the tank (rear of trailer) would help...
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    What pump for 420cc predator

    Hello, I have a 420cc HF predator engine that has an old 4gpm 3500psi pun that's on its last leg. It's a direct drive pump. I do only residential work and use the x-jet M-5 for application of chemicals and a 20" surface cleaner for concrete. I would like to get more gpm as I have a tank to use...
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    Cleaning a metal painted building.

    Hey guys, I normally do 99% residential work but I have a job to clean a metal commercial building that's painted white. Should I just go with a hot house wash ( 12.5% and Elemonator) and just do it like a normal house wash? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    General pump hammerhead 20" nozzle size

    I just purchased a 20" GP hammerhead and I dint know what size the nozzles are. It doesn't say anywhere in the manual and there's no marking on the actual nozzles. It says it's good up to 8 gpm but I have a 4gpm machine. So I'm not sure if they're 4 each or 2. If anybody knows please let me...
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    Turning a direct drive into a belt drive.

    I have an old 13 hp direct drive 3500 4gpm pw, just wondering if anyone has ever retrofitted a direct drive into a belt drive before. I assume that you would have to fabricate a bracket for the pump. But it seems like if you buy the parts (pulleys, belts etc..) it should work just fine. Just...
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    New logo designs

    Hey guys, I just received some new logo designs. Looking for some feedback. I personally like logo 1 and logo 3. Anybody else want to chime in?
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    How to find Property Management company's

    Hello, I've been doing residential pressure washing for 6 years now and I am trying to get into commercial cleaning. How do you guys find the name and numbers for PM's in your area? Any help on getting commercial work would be greatly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    3500 psi and 4gpm

    Would a 3500 psi and 4gpm be sufficient for residential cleaning? Also would it run a 20" surface cleaner? I'm starting a company (with insurance and tax ID not a fly by night) the unit I have is a northstar washer from northern tool at 3500 and 4gpm. I have a 16 ft dual axel trailer with a 200...