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    Oil Stain chemical for gas stations

    Hey everyone, We are cleaning several gas stations starting this week which we've never done before, and I'm curious to see what people are using to remove/clean/lighten up the oil stains in the pump lanes. Is there anything out there that is relatively inexpensive and does a good job on oil...
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    Hydraulic Oil spill on asphalt

    Any advice on cleaning hydraulic oil from asphalt? It's about a week old and approx 200 sq ft. I've already tried some concrete chem that does decent with oil on concrete, but it didn't make a dent on the asphalt. I brushed it on and let it sit for about 20 mins then used a surface cleaner and...
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    Channel Sign Removal

    Hey everyone, Has anyone ever done channel sign removal? One of our PM's requested a price for it and I'm trying to come up with something for him. We would probably need a lift to reach some of them. Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Pics of a building we just cleaned...

    Here are some before & after pics of a stucco building we cleaned this past weekend. They were very pleased with the results as it hadn't been cleaned in a while.