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    How does one go about testing a burner transformer?

    I've seen a piece of equipment that one holds up to the contacts... it seems to me that there would be tests that one could do with a multimeter or some other more common tool, no? TIA Robert
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    Inlet - outlet on opposite sides?

    Can you use the supply/inlet on one side of the pump and the outlet on the other side, or do they both have to be on the same side? I want to change the plumbing setup on a TS2021; just trying to neaten and clean things up. It seems to me that it would just move the water from the bottom of...
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    Stripping and sealing a redwood deck

    Well this section doesn't seem to be very active but hopefully I can get a response here instead of posting it to the general forum... The people involved aren't quite sure of the accuracy of these details, but this is the story they gave me: A neighbor/friend put an water-based Behr...
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    General Pump Oil Question

    I just got in a General TS2021 and of course it didn't occur to me to order their oil to go with it. If I'm interpreting their information correctly I'm supposed to use 'General Pump Industrial Pump Oil Series 100'. What's so special about this oil? Is there an off-the-shelf alternative? I...
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    Suggestions requested for for difficult Thai restaurant job.

    I have a job in a Thai restaurant that uses sesame-flavored oil. I have used several different degreasers on this stuff and haven’t had much luck with them, or much variation in results- meaning bad goes to worse. What happens is that as you’re cleaning the area in front of you the stuff...
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    Cleaning Detergents 101

    Some very basic information for us non-chemists: Hope this is useful to somebody. Cya!
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    Anybody have experience cleaning Burger Kings ?

    I just got a message about cleaning the exhaust system in the local Burger King. It's a franchise and the people are notorious with the local service community for being cheap (more so than usual). I know I've never been able to get the time of day from these folks. The restaurant blows smoke...