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    Hi Everybody, Once again thanks for all the valuable help in the insurance area. OK, here's my next question: What type of training do you provide for your employees?? This includes a general knowledge of the equipment (that's understood, you don't want someone destroying your equipment)...
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    Insurance Questions

    Hi everybody, I am curious about insurance. I know that's a "loaded" question, but I am finding it difficult to "grasp" the finer aspects of insuring a power washing business. First off I know that a BOP (Business Owners Policy) for Completed Operations and General Liability Insurance is a must...
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    PW Stencils

    Hi, My name is Rich and I am starting up a PW company in the NYC metro area. I saw a video of someone using a stencil (metal I believe) on some concrete that when PW'd looked like the name had been spray painted on to the concrete. I thought it was a great advertising "gimmick" and if done...