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    So Google calls me about once a week trying to sell me (gotta admire their persistence) so last time I let them pitch me just to see what it was all about. They claim they can get me at the top of searches, listed on yelp and several other places,and so on for like A 100 bucks a month. Anybody...
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    What's wrong with my burner?

    When my burner is on but I'm not on the gun it seems to be still be putting fuel into the burner. Then when you hit the gun it blows a giant flame out stack for a minute until it burns off. Only thing I changed a few weeks ago changed from fixed thermostat to adjustable. Worked fine till last...
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    chem for stone?

    Whats the best chem to clean this? And where can I get some?
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    looking for 12% sh in VA

    A friend of mine is starting up a wash business in the Clarksville VA area, anybody know where he can get 12% bleach in southern VA?
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    Pump has a leak

    my pump has a drip between the brass head and pump body, where the white. Crusty stuff is in pic. What do I need to do to fix it? Pump has 650 hrs on it
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    first job on million plus $ house

    finished job today, washed the house 11000 square feet. Guy is happy wants me to come back and teach him how to weld, he bought a mig welder and doesn't know how to use it said he would pay me to teach him. Love rich people!
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    first job on million plus $ house

    10600 square feet of driveway, be back out Wednesday to wash the 11000 square foot house!
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    pump sprayers?

    Ok, so what is the best brand of pump sprayer, looking for something that will last longer than one season. Have tried several kinds. My Solo backpack has been going strong for several years but have had issues lately with the smaller Solo sprayers. Thanks
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    gutter scrubbing in cold weather?

    I use gutter zap to clean gutters but it does not work well in cold weather, anybody know what will work in cold weather? I seam to be getting more calls than normal for house washing this winter.
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    my neighbors driveway

    my neighbor got her driveway done, she should have called me! To bad I didn't get to see who did this beautiful work!
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    white streaks on brick

    close up pic of stian
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    white streaks on brick

    anybody know what i can use to get this off the brick, looks like its coming from the trim at the top, tried everything i had on the rig sodium hydroxide, ox, hot water nothing touched it. Thanks
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    burner problem

    I have a wayne burner that quit working (bad fuel pump) replaced the pump (suntec) and filter and fuel lines as they were in bad shape now it still won't fire. Its pumping fuel but none goes into the burner, when you hit the trigger I get fire at the transformer and if i pull the plug off the...
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    cold weather ?

    I have a fleet i wash every Wed. this week they are calling for sun with a low of 20 and a high of 40 degrees, will it be ok with the hot water or will the trucks turn into ice bergs?
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    Llooking for Briggs & Stratton part

    I'm looking for a flywheel for an older Briggs 18 hp vanguard, mine is missing some teeth. The part is no longer available from B & S so if anybody has one in the junk pile and want to sell the flywheel? Its a model #350447 Type 1057 the part number for the flywheel is 808772. If you have one...