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    July special on tandom axle trailer setup

    See attached. Special for cleaning contractors this month is $11,620 as configured. Includes the washer, trailer, mounting kit, high and low pressure hose reels, and the battery. If you would like a quote for the setup with a smaller washer or different options, let me know. Price is FOB...
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    Special sale on belt driven cold water units

    Now through the end of June. 50% off plus $100 for shipping. See attached.
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    Why is this forum incompatible with Internet Explorer?

    I have no problem using the forum with Firefox and Chrome. Its FUBAR'ed with Explorer. Issues - I can not cut and paste About a fifth of the letters I type don't show up and I have to type slow. This is hat itlooks like wen I type at regulr speed. It is ey frustrating o hav o go bac nd etit...
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    January sale Pressure washer Complete Unit

    This one has the bells and whistles.
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    Since you liked the pictures of Mt Rushmore, here's what we have been up to since

    Couple of projects from around the world.
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    October Sale

    For cleaning contractors only. 50% off plus shipping. Click the attachment to configure the machine.
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    Here is the 8 gpm at 3500 psi unit that has been requested.

    Our Specials department put a quote together for an 8 gpm at 3500 psi cold water washer. We will modify our BR-455037E washer to get these numbers. We will replace the Honda GX660 engine with a GX690 gas engine and mount it with our belt driven KX pump. We will also change pulleys and nozzles...
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    Jetters on sale

    Ever thought about cleaning a drain? Well, here's the equipment to do that. And this month its on sale for our cleaning contractor customers. See the attached PDF and call Philip Kircher at (800) 984-2612 for more info.
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    Sale on diesel powered hot water heater

    Now through the end of the month. For contract cleaners only.
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    Sale on Mosmatic Surface Cleaners

    45% off list price through the end of the month for contract cleaners only.
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    Found some pictures on my hard drive of us cleaning Mount Rushmore.
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    New scratch and dent flier

    Call me at (800) 984-2612 with any questions.