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    3 story apartment complex roof.

    Wanted to know what are some of your average prices for 3 story apt complex chemical roof wash? Thanks hope you guys have a good weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cleaning advice

    Hello everyone I'm looking for the best way to clean that white stuff coming off of the patio and also the gate pillar has some run off from the light. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dragon juice

    Has anyone used dragon juice for a roof wash? If so what are the mixtures and how does it compare to roof snot? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surfactant and Detergent?

    I did this sidewalk almost a year ago and I am now seeing stripes where the surface cleaner passed through. Is this normal?
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    36 or 28 inch surface cleaner.

    I just got approved to do a whole community sidewalks and walkway. I was thinking of purchasing a 36 or a 28 inch surface cleaner, I'm looking for some feedback. I have a 13hp 4000psi 4gmp washer. Any thoughts?
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    Bonehead move

    So yesterday I had my helper take the battery from the charger and put it in the battery box. When I got to the jobsite I plugged the wires in how I am used to plugging it in out of habit without looking at which side was positive or negative. My helper put in backwards and I should of checked...
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    Anyone find a good shirt material that is somewhat SH resistant?
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    New Chemical Pump Acting Up?????

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a second chemical pump while my other is being sent back for warranty and I having an issue with it. I purchased a flojet from the power wash store 12v 4.7gpm 60psi. I was on a roof today and for some reason it would lose all pressure then i would shut the...
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    Surfactant and Detergent?

    Hello everyone I am somewhat new to chemical cleaning and have been only doing this for a year part time mostly. Where I bought my equipment i asked the owner what is the best mixture to clean tile roofs in south Florida and he told me that it depends on the day and how bad it is. He recommended...
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    Price per sqft?

    Quick question I was asked to bid on a community and it has sidewalks and curbing that is 1.8 miles each. What is a good price per square feet that i can charge for that. Also they want algecide sprayed to maintain clean.