Why don't you offer window cleaning?

Why don't you offer window cleaning as an add-on?

  • I only do commercial.

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  • I don't like making more money per job.

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  • The window cleaner need money. Let him take my PW jobs.

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  • I like it when customers complain that their windows aren't clean enough.

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Even if you never pick up a squeegee there are some good reasons for offering this service.

Any ideas what they would be?


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I'll throw out three phrases to think about-

Tiered services
Maximum profit per stop
Realistic customer expectations


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I'll throw out my one reason for not doing it. My family owned a retail store with four 8'x10' windows out front. The outsides were done once per week with the insides added in every two weeks. I remember paying the guy out of the register about $28 per month.


WCR Sales & Founder PWRA
Yeah, storefront is beer money unless you have a huge route.

I'm not talking about riding around on your bicycle hustling up window business.
I'm talking about offering it as part of of your highest-tiered package (you know nothing about this, Ken :) ) or as a premium add-on.

I'll throw another thought out there- how can offering window-cleaning in addition to a house wash make you money even if the homeowner doesn't buy it?


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Beer money.
Right, Ron?

I remember a thread a while back (maybe on TGS) started by a guy who was freaking out because he had a callback on a PW job. The homeowner wasn't happy with one of the windows.

It seems like there were ten pages of "what to do, how to do it" posts.

My only question was, "Did you charge him to clean the windows?" If you had offered it and he passed then it's not the contractor's problem if there is some runoff from the frames or whatever. If he had taken it and you charged right you would have made sure they were right in the first place or at least would be going back to fix something you had actually charged for.


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Plus, most of the guys on the window forums are buying PWs.
Most customers like one stop shopping.


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Suggestions for us folks that will not under no circumstances do windows themselves.... How are you structuring pay for someone else to do the work.

I won't get on the ladder to do it. Can the same margins be made cleaning windows as can be made cleaning the Vinyl? ie... If I charge $300 to wash House and do this in one hour, can I charge another $300 for the windows that will likely take another Hour?

Feedback Please.... I have a local window cleaner that adds PW to services but he will gladly admit that PW is better money. I just haven't seen the same for adding windows for less margin. I do however see value in growing a customer base to tap into to sell Pressure Washing Services.


WCR Sales & Founder PWRA
Suggestions for us folks that will not under no circumstances do windows themselves.... How are you structuring pay for someone else to do the work.

Good question!
I would say find a lowballer window cleaner and sub it to him but we both know the chances of that working are slim for a number of reasons.

Anybody else?

I won't get on the ladder to do it. Can the same margins be made cleaning windows as can be made cleaning the Vinyl? ie... If I charge $300 to wash House and do this in one hour, can I charge another $300 for the windows that will likely take another Hour?

Short answer-
In the right area with the right customer, yes.

Of course, there are a lot of other variables.

I have found that the typical subdivision vinyl house customer isn't too worried about the windows. They don't want to pay extra for hand cleaning so you can tell them you'll make sure they're rinsed well (the previous guy probably never mentioned windows or any special care) and they have no room to gripe if they're not perfect.

The customers who want whole home restoration (Platinum Tier Service) are typically in much higher end developments.

They want the whole thing taken care of in one day by one company that they trust- PW house, do windows, PW concrete and pool deck, clean gutters, and whatever else you can upsell them while you're there.

If I could charge 300 for an hour housewash and do those all day long, all week long then I wouldn't deal with window cleaning, either. I would offer it at my full rate and hope no one ever took it.
At least they know they can't whine if there's a streak on a window.

For guys who are looking to maximize profits on fewer jobs until they get to this level, it's worth looking into.
I went out and found a good sub. He supplies me a cert of insurance and is very happy to get the business. He gives me a good rate,i mark it up 25-30%. Probably every comm bldg i p/w i seperate out but include the w/c, and the client is very happy he/she dosen't have to hastle for more bids, and it still allows them the option. Extra income,no effort, sweet. Dan Cosgrove

Clear Shine

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I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I am a window cleaning company who offers all the other services. I started 14 years ago just as a window cleaner and added PW,at one time was a Full-service janitorial (minus carpet cleaning), now I offer PW, Floor stripping and waxing, roof cleaning, and concrete staining. The past years I was mainly a window and interior cleaing company, but now i am trying to transform it into an exterior cleaning company. This year, I am hoping to do most of my work in the roof cleaning/PW/ and concrete stain side of my business.
Why do I still do windows and will I probably always offer them? Cause its a sure thing for me, I have a route and no matter what may come, I have that money to fall back on. Eventually, I want to turn the route over to a full time guy, but for now, I do it all! lol


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O.K. I might just do this window gig.
I have few ???.
What cleaning solution have you guys found that works the best?
What's the avg. price per window, not an add on, just windows?
Pricing difference for 2 story vs single story?
Had a lady last night ask me about it, could lead to other work.


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I'll try to give you a call when I get a chance, DV.
Houseguests this weekend, but maybe Sunday?

Not during the game.


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Thanks Thad that would be great.
Going to a hockey game with Jeff and Christian and our kids b4 the game,
so maybe sunday evening.

cajun cleanin

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I do clean windows but I don't really push it on customers.I do sell it with the exterior wash though because they are going to be cleaner than I found them.

What have you guys found to add to get them cleaner.I have heard of cascade jet dry but what works the best?

When I do them I charge 3.00 to 5.00 per window.


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I know im late on this thread but!!! When doing commercial flatwork and concrete cleaning it is good to think about adding that as apart of your business
one: if you are trying to get a business that has someone already doing that and even know they really like your work their gona look at the fact that ok im gona be paying you to do my concrete and I have to pay the other guy that comes on another day or came to same day but now you got it wet and that guy doesnt come back till whatever day now there SOL untill that guy comes in. Well instead you can do both concrete cleaning and window clean it makes the customer happy and your getting payed instead of the other guy. Make sense?

Second: When other business owners see that wow this business is always so clean and attracts alot of people, because i know for a fact that if a business is not keep up i know customers will travel to go to a place they like, they will ask how do you keeps this place so clean?? who does it and then there you go word of mouth. You see buy doing the windows you leave the place of business looking completely clean and not just half A**ed clean with the concrete all nice and the windows lookin like crap!