Who’s going to the round tables?

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Who’s going to the round tables?

If you’re attending please say so here. Tells us which one you’re going to.

I’m thinking I might make south Fl. Not sure yet, I will be in FL next week.

Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
Hi Lenny!
Be careful in that ice! Hope you skate! You can look for some $$$ melting the stuff off....

It's.....STILL....snowing. Supposted to get another 4 inches, then freezing rain/ice. Ick.

Lenny, hope you like chili. The place we chose to host the DC round table is famous for their chili, they do alot for charity, and also help sponsor national chili cook offs. We LOVE the stuff. With all this snow, it seems appropriate somehow. It's going to be a blast.