What is a bounce rate?


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Your bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit your website but never take an action. These actions can include:

  • Engaging with content (blogs, etc.)
  • Filling out a form (appointment, enquiry requests)
  • Clicking through to another web page on your website
  • You want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. A high bounce rate can negatively affect your rankings in search engines.

Coleman A

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Interesting information.

sometimes I feel like bounce rate is a bad indicator. What if someone finds the page to your pressure washing website... gets the phone number from that page and leaves.... they still call you and you still get the business.


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A visitor who lands on your website looks at the first page and exits the site, that's a bounce rate. If they look through more than the one page they land one, bounce rate goes down, and if they exit after only one-page view, it goes up.

Many visitors would want to learn about your services and why they should choose you, and if they are visiting one page and exiting, they were most likely given a wrong impression and kept moving along. And you can view which page they are bouncing from so you can figure out what to improve upon for better conversion rates.