Weighing to test filters

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Today I had to go back to service an old account I haven't serviced in about 2 years. The economy's got Chris and me doing everything till we get back in a position to hire again. This older account reminded me that we used to weigh each filter at intervals to make sure they weren't coming anywhere near their capacity.

We use anemometers for that now instead since we know by sight and feel if they are saturated or not. But we weighed thousands of filters early on.

Here's one we started in 2005, still a customer.

The four digit numbers after the dates are weights in grams.


Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Was looking for something on here and found this. This filter has been in service for over 10 years as of last month and is still going strong. This one replaces two two-inch filters.

That's 120 2-inch filters that didn't have to go in the dumpster.

The 480 gallons of water it takes to make those 120 filters was reduced to the 90 gallons it took to clean it over ten years.

Some "green" technologies actually work.