Wall of experiments

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
This is a bunch of different filter media we have experimented with over the years. This is really only about a quarter of it but the rest of it is boxed away some where.

When we had the dry clean delivery service I wallpapered two full sides of a twelve hundred square foot storefront with dry clean delivery bags of our competitors from we took on their customers as ours.

What an idiot I was. I didn't realize it was in bad taste till one of my customers told me. Then I took them all down.

Contrast my young cockiness with a competitor of mine who called me the other day to come pick up my filters from an account he snagged from us. He said he figured I could use them somewhere else and there was no reason for me to spend money when I don't have to.

What a great guy and an example for me to follow!

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Scott Stone

New member
That is what I do. I had Ron do it for me, too. When a competitor wins a bid from me, I will help them all I can, unless they have done something in the past to try and hurt my business, then they get the bare minimum.