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The Multi-Trade Association that Helps You Grow

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The UAmCc: The Multi-Trade Association that Helps You Grow
By Drue Ann Hargis-Ramirez, Write Right Enterprises

If you could easily incorporate other services into your business in a seamless way and leverage these other services into your existing customer base, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Professional business owners are always looking for ways to expand their customer base and grow their companies while endeavoring to compete and thrive amongst their respected competitors. Now you can achieve these goals by joining other Contractors on the Move™.

Perhaps you’re a window cleaner who wants to expand into pressure washing. Or maybe you’re a pressure washer who is considering adding industrial water blasting or carpet cleaning to fill in downtimes. Or perhaps you’ve been cleaning carpets and want to add air duct cleaning to offer more services to your customers. Then again perhaps you’re tired of working for someone else and want to explore becoming an independent business owner, but aren’t sure which contract cleaning niche or niches you want to focus on.

The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (http://www.UAmCc.org) is the first multi-trade association of its kind, and as such it can help you grow your business. Members will gain from the experience and guidance of its founding members and advisors who encompass a broad range of similar industries and its valuable multi-trade networking and convention workshops all in one place at the same time. And for an extraordinarily low price that even small business owners can afford.

The UAmCc’s first convention will be on May 4-6, 2006, in Fort Worth, Texas. Read on to learn more about the UAmCc and the upcoming convention.

Who are the Founding Members and Advisors?
The UAmCc’s founding members and board advisors offer its members unique exposure and a breadth of knowledge and experience on multiple but related trades that logically and inexpensively provide the opportunity to expand and grow your business. Here’s who they are and what they have to say about the UAmCc’s unique benefits.

Delco Cleaning Systems
Delco Cleaning Systems (http://www.dcs1.com) has been doing business in the pressure washing industry for more than 30 years. Its president and owner, Robert Hinderliter, knows firsthand what small business owners need to succeed. And as founder of the Power Washers of North America (www.pwna.org), he also knows what it takes for an association to successfully serve its members. From residential to commercial pressure washing and from kitchen grease exhaust cleaning to truck fleet washing, Delco offers the equipment, training and superior knowledge for mobile contract cleaners who need assistance in this field. “The UAmCC’s mission is to help the business owner who wants to expand his business but isn’t sure in which direction he wants to go,” says Robert.

Rotobrush International
For nearly 20 years Rotobrush International (http://www.rotobrush.com) has been in the air duct cleaning business, manufacturing equipment with patented technologies and offering air purification products for the indoor residential and commercial air quality industry. “This association is a one-stop shop for service providers,” says Pat Hyland, Senior Vice President of Sales. “[The UAmCc] is a unique organization in that you will be able to work with so many industries and pick the ones that suit your business.”

Professional Carpet Cleaning Supplies
Rob Smith, president of Professional Carpet Cleaning Supplies (http://pccsdfw.com), has been in the professional carpet cleaning business for nearly 30 years and supplying equipment and products to the professional carpet cleaning contractor for nearly 20 years. They also provide supplies to clean other floor surfaces such as natural stone, and offer training and equipment for the restoration of carpet and upholstery damaged by fire or water. Their facility in Euless, Texas, has a unique training setup with a mock three-bedroom house where they can provide hands-on training. The upcoming UAmCc convention, he says, is a unique opportunity to find out more about “other related trade industries that contract cleaners with their existing equipment can diversify into that they are not currently taking advantage of now.” Diversifying your carpet cleaning business by adding cleaning of natural stone or restoration work is one way, he says, to increase your revenue steam.

Dallas Window Cleaning Supply
Seven years ago Dallas Window Cleaning Supply (http://www.dallaswindowcleaningsupply.com) opened its doors to serve professional window cleaners throughout Texas. They have whatever professional window cleaners need to clean glass, and unlike other suppliers they can deliver at ground rate in one day anywhere in Texas. Christine Keniston, president, notes too that her husband has been in the window cleaning industry for 22 years and brings hands-on experience to their customers. The convention, Christine notes, will afford small business owners the opportunity “to talk to more experienced business owners who’ve been through the stages of growth they need to tackle.”

Freemyer Industrial Pressure
This founding member company has been around for nearly 20 years, and has been providing services to contractors for oil service and industrial cleaning for the last ten years. Freemyer Industrial Pressure (http://www.indpress.com) offers pressure washers ranging from 10,000 PSI to 36,000 PSI. Pressure washers at this higher level offer a range of applications from removing scale or rust from tanks, coatings on ship hulls instead of sand blasting which isn’t as environmentally safe, or striping and burnt rubber on concrete at airports, as well as cold cutting at refineries. Greg Leos, Partner and Sales Manager at Freemyer, says business owners “need to know they have other tools at their fingertips and know what is available out there for them. It [the convention] will be a great opportunity to take advantage of all the seminars to gain information about other industries and see how they can apply them into their line [of services.]”

Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency
Joe Walters started his insurance agency nearly 30 years ago. The agency (http://www.dcs1.com/jwalters) focuses on specialty insurance primarily for contract cleaners, such as general commercial liability, automobile, equipment protection, umbrella policies, and bonds. He says his agency knows the needs of the contract cleaner and the importance of a quick response. “The UAmCc gives the opportunity to add on to their business and make more money for their family.” For the new business owner, he adds, the UAmCc can help with community involvement, marketing, and looking better than your competitor.

Advisors to the Board
The UAmCc currently has two advisors to its Board to provide knowledge and experience on window cleaning and pressure washing.

Steamaway, owned by Michael Hinderliter, is a mobile truck washing and industrial power washing company. Michael also owns Hood Specialists, a kitchen grease exhaust cleaning company. As a mobile contract cleaner for the last 21 years, he brings to the Board the insight of the contractor’s perspective and needs. “The UAmCc offers a new structure for an association, one that has not been done before, where there are a number of trades that are aimed at mobile contract cleaners, and it will present different trades in one place so business owners don’t have to attend and pay for multiple shows.”

B.A. Autery owns Black Wolf Window Cleaning (http://www.blackwolfwindowcleaning.com) in Arlington, Texas. More recently, he spearheaded the formation of the Association of United Window Cleaners (http://www.auwc.org), a nonprofit association exclusively focusing on residential, route and low-rise (three stories or less) window cleaners. As an advisor, the Association of United Window Cleaners and the UMaCc can complement each other to assist business owners grow their businesses. “Under one roof, different trades that are part of mobile contract cleaners can network and learn from each other and help build their professional trades,” he says.

Membership – Annual Fees & Benefits
The annual membership to join the UAmCc is only $97. With your membership you’ll receive more than $100 in cleaning equipment and supplies from the sponsoring vendors, such as an air filter and training DVDs. A quarterly newsletter is in development and will include how-to articles and industry news. The membership also includes huge discounts to the upcoming convention and technical seminar scheduled for the fall. And finally it brings you access to the knowledge and experience of the founding members and advisors.

Convention and Exhibit Details
The UAmCc’s first convention will be Thursday through Saturday, May 4-6, 2006, in Fort Worth, Texas. The Holiday Inn North (http://www.holidayinnfwn.com) is the backdrop for this not-to-be missed convention. The hotel (which will soon be renamed the Raddison) recently underwent a $6 million renovation with improvements in every area of the facility. The UAmCc has arranged a special nightly rate of $69 plus tax through April 4 (Phone: 817-759-4614); mention the UAmCc when making your reservations. Discounts with American Airlines and Avis Rent-A-Car have also been arranged for UAmCc conference attendees. The convention registration brochure, which can be downloaded in PDF format, includes discount codes for airline and car rentals, at this link http://www.uamcc.org/forms/Convention_Brochure.pdf.

The cost to attend the convention is a very affordable price of $247 for UAmCc members who register by April 4. “This is a very affordable event for small businesses,” notes Christine Keniston. “Other events are often targeted for the bigger established businesses, [but] this is priced for the small business owner.” Joe Walters agrees. As a past convention chairman for the PWNA, he realizes many business owners can’t afford to attend conventions. “We’re trying to give you as much as we can for the least amount of money so you can afford to go. This is the best bang for your buck.”

The exhibition has 38 booths and tabletop displays including but not limited to the following vendors: Aaladin Cleaning Systems, Dallas Window Cleaning Supply, Delco Cleaning Systems Freemyer Industrial Pressure, Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency, Professional Carpet Cleaning Supplies, Ready Seal, Rotobrush International, General Pump, Nick’s E-Z Truck Mounts, Prochem, Dri-Eaz, PWNA, AUWC, UAmCc, WRAPI, Steel Eagle, Source 1 Packaging, Ministry of Property Services, Medcalf Insurance Agency, Vital Learning Experiences, Endeavor Business Services, Ettore, Ram One International, Jim Manufacturing, IKECA, and Unger. A complete list of exhibitors can be found here: http://www.uamcc.org/exhibitors.htm.

Check-in registration begins on Thursday, May 4, at 7 a.m. with workshops commencing at 8 a.m. Lunch is provided courtesy of the UAmCc on both days. The Friday night banquet is an additional cost of $35 per person. The convention concludes with outdoor demonstrations and trade show on Saturday, May 6, at 7 p.m.

World-Renowned Speaker to Present Keynote Address
“Not many associations can attract the speakers we have [lined up] for its first inaugural kickoff convention,” comments Pay Hyland.

Most notably, on Thursday, May 4, at 10:00 a.m. Steven Wiley, a world-renowned speaker, will present the keynote address “Training that Pays.” Steven Wiley (http://www.stevenbwiley.com) is an entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker, who has trained tens of thousands of executives from around the world.

Convention Workshops Offer High Quality Instruction and Training
While the majority of the seminars and workshops are included in the registration fee, there are a handful of certification and training courses that require additional fees. However, as Joe Walters emphasizes, “the caliber of the instruction at this convention will be unsurpassed.”

Christine Keniston points out the broad spectrum of seminars offered in the convention line up. “The seminar program is very broad, not limited to just technical aspects of each industry, but it includes marketing, insurance, and a multitude of aspects that are involved in growing a successful business.”

For the full convention schedule, see pages 18a,b,c & d of the April issue of the Delco Blaster, or visit the conference brochure on the UAmCc website at www.UAmCc.org .

Joe Walters points out that while your neighboring competitor might not share ideas, competitors across the country are only too willing to sit down and tell you how they make their money.

Christine Keniston agrees. “Networking is everything – this convention is full of opportunities.”

Ron Musgraves

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Just sent my dues,

It was good talking with you Larry. I actually signed up PWI. if they need to make it and associate membership go ahead.

Joseph Floyd

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Is anything happenning with this Org.??? They don't have an event listed for this year. I was kind of interested in the window wash portion for crossover opportunities.

Joseph Floyd

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Thank you sir. I found a lots of info and a new magazine to subscribe to and leave lying around the house. Which means I'm sure my wife will be thanking us both with a few choice words. :eek:

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Thank you sir. I found a lots of info and a new magazine to subscribe to and leave lying around the house. Which means I'm sure my wife will be thanking us both with a few choice words. :eek:

IWCA has a co-op advertising? its great