UAMCC Announces National Convention


The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners

in association with Alliance Planners, Inc.

Cordially invites YOU
to the 1st Annual UAMCC National Convention located at

Orlando World Marriott Resort

Please mark your calendars and DO plan to attend on October 23rd through October 25th

The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners is pleased to announce that the UAMCC Assoc. will hold it's first annual convention in Orlando FL on Oct 23-25. The UAMCC convention will be one like no others in the past. As an attendee you can expect to learn, relax, network and have fun all at the same time. So leave your rigs at home and pack up the family to attend the 1st Annual UAMCC gathering of pressure washing professionals! Our speakers include a nationally recognized expert from the direct marketing field to an abundant of sprecialized experts that will provide training sessions during the convention. Our focus will be on ONE thing ~ YOUR BUSINESS!

Sales techniques and teaching to close the deal
List rental "Do's and Don'ts"
You have a website....Now what?
Cross selling and Up selling to your Customer?
Customer Loyalty
Are you ready to expand?
Do you own your business or does it own you?
....and much much more.

The Marriott Convention Hall will be the site where you and your colleagues will speak one-on-one with the folks that supply you with the "stuff" that you need to be in this business. The UAMCC has secured with the Marriott so that 30 exhibitors can and will showcase the newest and latest products, gadgets and equipment in the pressure washing industry. ALL UAMCC Supplier Members will be on hand along with other industry related companies to outfit you with everything that you need!

4 seperate break out rooms will offer all convention attendees the ability to pick and choose which presentation he/she wishes to attend. Whether it be website develoment or wanting to know if it is time to hire more employees....YOU can get it all in ORLANDO at the UAMCC Convention!

This convention will be like no other convention EVER. October is the perfect time to plan a family vacation in Orlando and it is also the perfect time to get equipped for the 2010 power washing season!

The industry has asked so much from you over the years....It's time the INDUSTRY gives back!

As a individual in the pressure washing industry YOU will experience cutting edge strategies that will work for your busines. Taught by the experts with proven models of success!! It's time to dig into your business once and for all and erase those questions you have asked yourself for many years!! Candid and realistic advice will be on the AGENDA in Orlando!!

Awards ceremony
Social hours
Free website build giveaways
Power Training Sessions
...and relaxation!

October 23rd thru the 25th is a MUST attend date ~ Orlando is the place.

Alliance Planners, Inc. (API) is UAMCC's official convention planner. API has secured a nightly room rate of $119.00 per night for ALL attendess. With 17 restaraunts and sports bars spread over the 200 acre Marriott Site ~ this is the perfect venue for EVERYONE in the pressure washing industry

API is currently arranging tour packages with the Orlando Convention Bureau for your touring pleasure. No time for a little vacation? Sure you do. Your UAMCC convention room rate starts on Oct.21st. Come down a day or two early to spend time at Disneyland with your family.

The UAMCC Convention Committee is establishing the cost to attend the actual convention. We will announce this as soon as we ensure that all expenses for the convetion have been considered and finalized. We have menus to choose from and many other considerations but you can rest assured that the cost to the UAMCC convention will be kept at a minimum!

The Marriott will be providing a UAMCC reservation code next week. When we receive that we will begin taking registrations....STAY TUNED for more UPDATES!!!!

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
The UAMCC Convention Committee is establishing the cost to attend the actual convention. We will announce this as soon as we ensure that all expenses for the convention have been considered and finalized.


Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Likly they are charging, who knows with all the resources maybe they will be inexpensive.


JL Pressure Washing

Thanks Russ for posting that. There will be a cost to attend. We have a lot in store for contractors at this event. I am really excited about it.

Look forward to seeing everyone there. You will be able to find me in the KING Suite LOL LOL

See ya all in Orlando

Steven Button

Chris, the organization that I am a member of, and the others I have been part of in the past have all charged for attendance at seminars, dinners, conventions, exhibitions...

My understanding is that with the majority of organizations your membership fee pays for the privilege and benefits that come with being a member... all other events are extra.

I am not a member of the UAMCC either, but I wouldn't expect their activities to be any different... in the same light, free events are always a bonus!! ;)


JL Pressure Washing
I am Not a UAMCC Member :) But I thought Convention Attendance would be INCLUDED in the UAMCC Membership Dues ?
I mean WHY charge UAMCC Members to attend a Convention of an organization they already Pay $400.00 a year to belong to :eek:

Steve explained it real well. I am in a few other orgs and its just like Steve says.

I have spoken to Ron in the past and he had mentioned to me a couple times that it actually cost over $200 to maintain a data base of members in any org type set up. Man free would be nice thou, just not realistic

Hope to see all there in Orlando, I love hanging out with all the PWing contractors.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Please do not Bash anyone about what they are charging. What the Uamcc Charges is uamcc business.

We are not going to debate if its worth it or not. If your a member of the org and want to voice your opionion please write Carlos.

Uamcc deserves a chance to get this together. Thus far they have done a good job.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member

I love this locations, I booked my room for a week. My Mickey hat, its gone. I should get another one. I also want to go to NASA, its 51 miles from th hotel.