Truck decals first draft


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Just my .02. I try to see where my eyes go when I look at any advert on a vehicle, billboard or whatever. My eyes go straight to your "EASY PRO". I would make EASY PRO smaller because it dominates and make your services larger because that is the message you want the customer to focus on first. I am having mine done Wednesday. I will post it on my thread when it gets finished.

Steven Button


I think it looks good, nice bold lettering and good colors. If it were my truck I'd have the easy pro property services not go onto the front wing, would try to keep it in the door - leave room on the wing for website or something else?

Good work, looks like it's coming together for you!! Keep the momentum going!!

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I think it looks good.I would also keep the sign on the doors only, also would do the tailgate and put free estimates on there someplace.

I think the spindles on the wheels really sets it off too.LOL


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Looks great like the snow, grass & water. Very nice, you better not add to many more services you are running out of room LOL

Might move the tele# up to the front of the bed a littl more so it doesnt blend in with the blue snow to much

Great graphics