Townhome association rules and purchasing power


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I'm wondering if anyone can share a comprehensive understanding of the messy world of townhomes associations. We've done several projects of various sizes and one common theme is that there is confusion among the owners and even among the board members of who is responsible for what charges. We've done some where the board uses the common funds for an entire complex cleaning, others where the board approves us as a vendor but just gets the interested owners lined up for us. Still others have required cleanings but force the owners to pay extra for it beyond their monthly dues.

I know that they all might have their CC&R's written differently and that accounts for the variety, but I'm wanting to learn all the terminology and processes so I can better sell our service and even direct board members who are themselves confused about what they have the right to do.

Common areas (like the pool house) are straightforward enough, but I'm more asking about the siding, roofs and decks on the residential dwelling units.

John Doherty

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Real quick general terms but they may vary due to the cc&rs

Fee simple, owner is usually responsible for everything, with the exception of common areas, almost always detached, single family homes in a covenant controlled community. Owners owns everything from the ground up.

Condo, attached building where individual owner doesn't own from the ground up, this allows for multiple floors with all different owners, above and below each other.

Town home, attached building where the owner owns from the ground up all floors.

Cc&rs will vary so who is responsible for what can be different for each community.


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Bump. I'm also interested in any stories people may have highlighting how their expertise in washing complexes paid off to the client.