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B Spring

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I am looking at buying a 28" to 36" surface cleaner, I have a 8 gpm machine, and with all of the experience y'all have, which is the best one to buy.

Russ Spence

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I use only 28 inch surface cleaners and I love them.

Whisper Wash Big Guys Rock


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I would stay at 28" or even 24". I found the number of bars, tilt, and nozzle angle make all the difference regardless of brand - if you dont experiment you'll never know whats best.


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On the accounts that we do regurarly (monthly or biweekly) we use big guy 28". The one time jobs with a lot of dirt or mold, we use the classic (19"). The big guy sometimes leaves streaks behind and needs a second pass or slower speed. The 19" works better, but for the monthly accounts the big guy is a lot faster. We use 5.5 and 8 GPM hot water machines.


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You were right Travis. first thing in the morning, before coffee. Post edited. Whisper Wash, way to go.
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"All the experience ya'll have"??? With all the heavy hitters here in the industry(myself NOT included) that's one tall Texas claim my friend. If you had the experience of these guys, you wouldn't seek out their opinions. Listen to the advice given here by some of the most recogized and experienced pros there are, and one day if you're lucky, you could make that claim. Best of luck to you. As far as your question, what Tom said, experimenting is the only way to find what works best for you. Do you like fixed wheels or casters? Do you like 3 or 4 bars. Do you need one that folds and goes into a tight space. Everyone has differnt needs and likes. I personally like Whisper Wash for my needs.

Uhhm I think you may have mis-read what he was saying!! Or maybe I did???