Sirocco SGV4-31 Pressure washer Reclaim System

John Stuttle

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Complete 31 HP Sirocco Reclaim system includes SGC4-31 Stationary Vacuum system, OWS 100-400 Oil-Water Separator System,

Big Blue Filter Bank 5 or 10 microns. 2 15 Gal sand trap 1 30 gal sand leaf trap, 2 - 21" vacuuming surface cleaners. 3 - 30 Gal Waste tanks over 300 feet of vacuum hose. This unit has had very little use. The oil/ water separator and filters have never been used, most of the vacuum hose has never been used, one of the waste tanks has never been used. Has been in storage for the last two years but the unit fires right up and works as it should. I paid over $19,000 for this setup when I bought it. Look at the photos for details.​

Here is a link from the manufactures website

The pressure washing truck in the photos is not included but I have it listed in a separate auction so check out my other auctions. I'm retiring from the pressure washing business is the reason for the sale.​