Roundtables- February 2004

Usually, we have been having the Roundtable Meetings on the second Weekend in February. This year the PWNA convention is scheduled for that weekend. I am planning to attend a Roundtable in TN the next weekend on the 21st. I would like to schedule the Roundtable for Medford, NJ on Saturday Feb. 28th. This should be early enough in the year for scheduling issues and late enough to be able to do some outdoor demos and for folks to bring rigs and equipment. Please comment here, e-mail me
( ), or call 1-866-440-3325. I would like to no if this is a good date and who will be attending. there should be some great announcements and suprises for this years event. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

For anyone who is thinking of hosting or attending a Roundtable meeting. Please use this thread to keep all the info in one place and make it easier for those wanting info on each Roundtable. If anyone has questions on how to host or how to have a successful meeting please feel free to call and ask. I would be glad to help in any way. These are great avenues to share information, network , and to move the industry forward
What is going on?

Where are all the posts? I hope people aren't losing interest in these. We already have about 20 confirmed for Medford, NJ. Where are all the folks that have been involved before and who else is interested?

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Here's the scoop on the DC Roundtable...

Date: Feb. 28th (Saturday)
Time: Noon till 4:00pm or whenever it really ends....
Location: Hard Times Cafe & Cue in Germantown Maryland
This is their NEWEST location, and in addition to great food, and a great meeting, we will also be shooting pool!

PLEASE email or call me if you are going to attend. We need to give the restaurant a rough number by the 25th. Last minute guests are welcome.


Beth & Rod

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Medford, NJ Roundtable

This will be our best one yet
Skip Markowitz is going to attend the meeting. Skip is the owner of EDI Distributors and has helped us out with these meetings in the past. He will be helping the meeting and providing equipment for demonstrations as well. Skip has great knowledge about equipment. So, if anyone has any questions or wants to see something specific, this would be the place!


Glad to have you!

From 76

come over the Ben Franklin and follow directions to Rt 70. Stay there until you the Indian Chief.

From the Turnpike

Take the PA Turnpike to NJ Turnpike and go south. Get off at the Burlington Rt 541 exit. take Rt 541 east and follow it through the 541 Bypass until you reach Rt 70. Turn left on Rt 70 for about 1/4 mile. The Indian Chief will be immediately on the right.

Mike Hughes

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To expand on the above, after you cross the Benjamin Franklin bridge, stay in the center lanes to make it easier to get to Rt. 70.........then stay on 70 will cross over Rt. 73......and keep going on 70 for at least another 10 -15 minutes........The restaurant is on the right hand side just after the junction with Route 541

Indian Chief Tavern
Route 70, East Of 541, Medford, NJ 08055
(609) 654-6838


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I plan on attending even though I'm heading to Philly that night for a flight the next day @4AM. Does the Ol' Indian Chief still exist?!?! I thought the palce was flattened when the road was paved and made 4 lanes! Only kidding I'm an old area boy!
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Great talking and working with you at the PWNA convention. I was completely blown away by the convention.

As for your roundtable its 90% that I'll be there just have to work out a few kinks.

We are quickly going over 50 folks for this meeting. We now have 47 confirmed with a handful of maybes. This is unbelievable as well as exciting. If anyone still wants to join us it isn't to late. I will post directions and anyone who would like hotel info just call. I just heard from Steve Rowlett and he will be making the trip up to Jersey as well. The States being represented are:

New Jersey
New York
Maryland is a maybe

152 Indian Mills Rd. , Shamong NJ 08088
Phone 1-866-440-3325 / Fax (609)268-3212

PWNA Sponsored/Medford Roundtable Meeting

When: Saturday, February 28th, 2004 beginning at 12noon.
Where: Indian Chief Restaurant - 212 State Highway No.70 Medford, NJ 08055
(Next to ShopRite)


Route 206
Take Route 206 to Route 70 West and the Indian Chief will be on the left.

Route 295
Take Route 295 to exit 34 (Route 70/Cherry Hill) and take Route 70 East approximately
15 - 20 minutes and the Indian Chief will be on the right.

New Jersey Turnpike
Take the NJ Turnpike to exit 5 Burlington/Mt. Holly and take Route 541 East and the
Route 541 bypass East to Route 70. Make a left at the traffic light and the Indian Chief
will be on the right.

If you have any questions please call toll free 1-866-440-3325.
Any questions on February 28th please call 609-351-6117.