Roundtable Meeting-Medford , NJ

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give an overview of the meeting. The weather didn't cooperate with us much so there wasn't the turnout I was hoping for (I assume weather). There were 12 folks who had said they were coming who didn't show. There were however about 40 folks in attendence , and that was great. One thing I feel would have been more productive with the amount of people is a more private room. The folks who came it was great to meet all of you and the networking and sharing of information was great. We had guys who hadn't even gotten started yet and veterans alike. The meeting doubled from October and as in the other meetings there is a definite call to keep these going AND on a more frequent basis than 6 months. I took pictures and will be posting them on a seperate thread as soon as possible. I will also post further on the "Rountable Meeting" at a later time. Our main topics seemed to be about Chems , Salesperson(s) , Staining/Sealing Products , and getting to know each other. Again , thanks to everyone who came (PA,NY,MA,and NJ) and drove through that nasty weather.


Mike Hughes

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Thanks for a great meeting, Everett. I should have taken a canoe instead of my car to get there, but other then that it was great!

I look forward to seeing the can put them right in this thread..........just click on "post reply" and you can attach them, one picture at a time. They have to be under 100,000 bytes.


Yes, I think it went very well. I think for the next one we should get a private room. It was hard to talk to everyone with the way the tables where set up. I met a lot of good guys with a lot of good information. Everett, Lets start working on the next one, a day with better weather this time:)


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Thanks for having the meeting, I learned alot. I was surprised at how willing people are to share information and even give away accouts that were to far for them to service.

Clean County PW

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I thought the meeting went along very well. Everett did a fine job hosting this meeting. I wish I had more time to talk to more people.

I can't wait for the next one. I would vote to have these meetings 2-3 times per year. February and October/November and maybe one other Month would be perfect for me.

craig lawrence

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I would like to thank Everrett for hosting the round table. I know he had to put a great deal of effert in and it went over very well ( for what little time I was there ).
I would like to get together three times a year, once in the Spring, Summer (busy time) and Fall.
The Spring always gets the creative juices flowing. The Summer we can talk about what is or is not working while it is still fresh on our minds. The fall we can discuss the whole season in general.

Thanks again Everrett


Hey, Craig That sounds like a great idea. It's hard to say what is going to work and what is not. I would like to see how everyone is doing in the busy season and what worked at the end of the year. It was very nice talking to you. I got some good ideas on what to do to get going full time. You seemed to handle yourself very professionally. Good Luck This Year!!! See you in a few months.

Mark Williamson.

Ron Musgraves

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Thats great, Thanks too everett, even though i did not attend i think your a great guy to have put it all together and make things happen.