Roof Cleaning in Tampa


This house is in the Westshore district its about 3 miles from the hotel the Tampa round table will be held at. It was a nice little 3200sq including 2 car garage. It is right on the bay you can see the water in the pics. This was a bad roof I Chemicaly treated it with a 65/35 mix. The Mold laughed at that it didnt do a thing. After spraying half the roof I decided to pressure wash it with the surface cleaner. It still looked like crap so I hit it with the chems again and this time it cleaned up well. The front of the roof had been painted at one point. However, they did not prep well because you could see the growth was under the paint.


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I hate when Mold laughs at Roof mix! Gotta show it who's boss! Good job Kory. Those under paint prepped Tile Roofs can be a real pain. :cool:


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Nice Job Kory!!
Yeah I hate it when that happens......I personally charge a little more for a painted tile roof cleaning for the reasons you mentioned in your thread.:cool:


I forgot to mention I forgot my ladder too. so I had to climb up and down the roof off of a fence!


I usually don't look at many roof threads, but dang, that is an impressive pic! No idea your roofs got that nasty down there. Props for good work!