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Serious question for anyone that comes across: could exterior cleaning be profitable in a rural area? I live in a town of 3,000, with a 60,000 populated town about 15 minutes away, and a total of about 80,000 within a 30 minute radius. From what I’ve seen on Google and Facebook, there is 2-3 businesses within 30 minutes, but they don’t have any reviews on Facebook or Google, and no websites. However, I’ve noticed that most of the pressure washing businesses that are on YouTube and other forums are based out of huge metro areas. Could I maybe supplement with windows and gutters? Or is this a no go.. For the record, I do have a little hands on experience with pressure washing, so I swear this isn’t one of those “hey, that looks easy” type of ideas! I currently do antique furniture restoration for extra income, but to no surprise that isn’t really a good scalable side hustle, and I want to start a full-on business. Most of my experience, as a 24 year old, is in HVAC, but I have a long way to get my contractors, and I just really don’t want to wait that long to be self-employed. But I truly enjoy turning something ugly into something great, so I think this could potentially be right up my alley. Just thought I’d ask, and give y’all as much information on the matter as possible. Let me know, thanks!


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I would say you can definitely help bring power washing to your community. But I would offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, coil cleaning, commercial and residential. Try to offer as much as you can since your population is very limited. But pick up every restaurant in the city!

There are so many services to offer and this is a very lucrative industry!

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If other people are making money there so can you. One thing I would be concerned about is a reliable source of SH. Also do the homes there have a reliable source of water? I would second Ty's recommendation to go broad on the services you offer (as long as you are comfortable providing those services). I would keep it in the cleaning category, you don't want to offer power washing and HVAC under the same company banner.