Printing meant for contractors


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As Guy Blackmon says, "If your phone isn't ringing, you're not being seen!" We as contractors all need to get seen and I want to help everyone do that.

Lately I have been helping people like Tim Nunez from Virginia Pressure Washing get seen. We made him 2500 high quality 8.5 x 11 glossy flyers for only 127$. The flyers paid for themselves in the first job and his phone is still ringing.


Or if you need postcards instead of flyers, how about 2500 4 x 6 post cards for 65$? Stay visible to your customers by sending them a holiday greetings post card so you are what is on their mind next time the need service.

For more info email or text 706 200 8383!


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Those flyer pricers were single sided by request of Tim! Double sided would be slightly higher, not too much.

The postcards are 14 pt card stock true post card size with color on both sides and uv protection.

Ralph Q

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Jeff, your phone message box is full for the phone number in your signature, just thought I would let you know.
I went three days without a single message left, because my box was full. One of my customers sent me a text telling me. I couldn't understand why I had 14 calls and no message.